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IT Strategies To Come Out Ahead COVID-19 IT Advice Learn more Is your IT budget on track for 2020? How to plan, prioritize, price — and avoid common mistakes. Download Leapfrog’s IT Budgeting Guide for 2020 Get a handle on your cybersecurity Protecting your IT ecosystem is core to running your business. Here’s how to be more secure! Which cloud is best? The one that solves your business problem. See which cloud is ideal for you Can you recover quickly from disasters? Your business depends on it. Here's how you can be sure

Managed IT Services For Growing Businesses

Leapfrog helps you meet your business goals. Leapfrog designs, builds, and manages fully integrated IT environments. As your organization’s IT partner, we apply our 22 years of experience to deliver the optimized IT environment and service levels you need to leapfrog ahead. Secure, streamlined, scalable, remote-access ready — all actively monitored and managed so your IT continues to run smoothly in the background. Hybrid cloud expertise and around-the-clock end-user support are included.

Leverage your technology. Achieve your vision.

IT that works.

Technology that's there when you need it (always) and ready to support your growth is IT that's working for you. You don't have to think about it. Instead, you can focus on what you want to achieve.

Predictable IT costs.

You should know what your IT will cost and why. Every year. Every dollar. And it should cost what it's worth. Getting good value for your IT is as important as getting good value from any business investment.

Positive experiences 24-7-365.

When employees and customers interface with your technology, they should be more than satisfied. They should be impressed. And if they ever have an IT issue, they should be impressed with the resolution.

Cybersecurity, bottom to top.

Risk is unavoidable. But risk is also controllable and manageable. An IT environment with security built in from the ground up greatly reduces the likelihood you'll be attacked, tricked, breached, or ransomed.

Cloud — the better way.

There's cloud. And then there's cloud that's fully integrated with the rest of your IT. With a well-designed hybrid network, you can't tell where your computing is happening. Everything functions seamlessly.

Fill skills gaps. Add capacity.

No organization is an island. Partnerships enable you to get more done faster. The right IT partner covers your bases, adds to your capabilities, and takes on key responsibilities. All of which can propel you forward.

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We partner with clients in two ways. We work with internal IT departments that want to improve their IT management or with executives who want single-source IT management for their IT ecosystems.

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