Personal Safety Apps: Extra Eyes and Ears In Potentially Dangerous Situations

Your smartphone is also your I’ve-fallen-and-I-can’t-get-up device. All you need is a personal safety app that checks in with you and alerts your emergency contacts if you don’t respond. Safety apps range from bare-bones basic to highly customizable with GPS coordinates and live streaming — all you need is the Internet, WiFi or cell service …

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Pet Wearables: 5 Ways to Gadget-Up Your Fur Kids

October 2015: Why shouldn’t your pet benefit from the Internet of Everything, too? Wearables are super-efficient trackers and recorders — and when they’re worn by your short and furry best bud, they can save you a ton of guesswork, time and worry … and give you some good laughs, too. Here’s how wearables can answer …

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