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Is your business as secure as you think? Data breaches are on the rise, with 63% of companies experiencing a cyber attack last year alone.

Strengthen your defenses and protect your company's most valuable assets with Leapfrog's Benchmarking and Scoring Session. In just one call, our experts can uncover gaps in your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity strategy.

How Can our Scoring Mechanism Elevate Your Business?

Safeguarding your company against cyber threats goes beyond IT operations. It’s about securing your brand, your assets, your intellectual property, and the trust of your customers and employees.

We understand the complexities, and we’re here to help.

What Your Benchmark Audit Includes

Engagement with Experts

Direct engagement with cybersecurity experts who understand your business needs

Scored Insights

Your responses are scored, providing a preliminary benchmark against standards in your industry.

Data-Driven Action

Use the insights to enhance decision-making and improve your IT and cybersecurity practices.

An audience is the first step towards total trust

Preliminary Benchmark

Discover your current cyber risk profile with a preliminary security benchmark

In-Depth Dialogue

Gain actionable feedback through transparent and constructive dialogue

Stakeholder Confidence

Build trust with stakeholders by evaluating and optimizing your security posture

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Leap Ahead with Leapfrog - simplify cybersecurity with us. 

Take the first step in elevating your cybersecurity.

Uncover gaps in your defenses and get data-driven insights tailored to your business. Our experts are ready to help you protect what matters most.

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Leapfrog helps solve your business problems by solving your IT problems. We’ve focused on providing excellent cybersecurity services to Atlanta businesses for over 25 years.


Secure, high-performing services and solutions

Everything in your IT environment contributes to your business success — infrastructure, network, tools, apps, and processes.

The Leapfrog Methodology optimizes your environment by systematically applying standards that deliver more secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performing IT.

Meeting your business goals and solving your IT problems

A system of success

Leapfrog helps solve your business problems by solving your IT problems. We’ve focused on providing excellent cyber security services to Atlanta businesses for over 25 years.


“Leapfrog takes the time to understand our operations and proactively recommend and implement improvements in areas that add real business value.”

— CIO, Large Insurance Company


“It is no trivial process to change IT providers, but the transition to Leapfrog was incredibly smooth.”

— CEO, Financial Services Company


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