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Disaster Recovery

To determine if you can recover quickly from a disaster, ask:

  • Is your DR solution ransomware-resistant?
  • Have you tested your DR plan to see if it meets your most recent RPO/RTO?
  • Do you have an offsite team to help during a disaster if your onsite team isn’t available?

Quickly recover from any size IT disaster.

Disaster Recovery (DR) events are more common than you might think. Hardware failures and human error account for most IT disasters worldwide, with natural disasters coming in at around 4%. About a quarter of businesses fail or go out of business after a major disaster, and about 40% ultimately fail.

Successful recoveries have two things in common — a tested DR plan that fully meets the needs of the business and enough experienced staff to execute the plan quickly and correctly.

Disaster Recovery as a Service
Cloud Based Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Planning
Disaster Recovery Execution

Leapfrog has been providing cloud-based DR solutions since 2003 and offsite DR replication solutions since our inception in 1998. We manage DR events every week and have performed hundreds of successful recoveries — thousands if you count the little ones. With best-of-class backup and recovery technology, cloud-based DR and DRaaS, and ransomware-resistant IT environments, the likelihood of disasters is greatly reduced to begin with. Ongoing DR analysis and advice are included for all managed services clients.

In addition to the ability to recover quickly from any size disaster, outsourcing all or part of your DR to Leapfrog frees up your internal IT staff to focus on IT priorities that build your business.

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