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Cloud-based DR: Near-Instant Recovery

Cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solutions ensure that your organization’s applications and data will be available to you whenever you need it without the expense of maintaining a secondary site. Recovery takes place in the cloud and is executed either by our experienced team at Leapfrog or by your team with our assistance.

Leapfrog started providing cloud-based DR in 2003, first with the HopperTM for small businesses and, more recently, with advanced Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for any size company.

With cloud-based DR from Leapfrog, you get:

  • Recovery of your normal operations in as quickly as a few minutes
  • Ransomware-resistant DR environments
  • Always on, secure data centers — we use Tier 3+ facilities
  • Streamlined functionality, from configuration to testing to recovery
  • Evidence-based DR management that simplifies compliance testing and reporting
  • DR monitoring 24/7/365
  • Predictable operating expenses
  • As much or as little DR management and execution as your IT department requires


DRaaS from Leapfrog is fully integrated with a private-cloud recovery environment that provides secure asynchronous replication, failover, and failback. Technology advancements make DRaaS an excellent option for many companies – in particular, those that struggle to stay on top of their DR or justify the cost of a secondary site.




Hopper is ideal for organizations with straightforward IT. It was the first cloud-based DR solution that provided a good alternative to tape. Hopper replicates backups to the public cloud, uses network attached storage (NAS) technology to perform data backup at the block level, and captures incremental backups after the base image is captured. It includes an on site and offsite backup.

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