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In today’s business climate, manufacturing and distribution companies need smooth-running IT to stay competitive. At Leapfrog, we know uptime is critical, and so are highly optimized networks. It takes a robust IT framework to leverage the latest applications so you can track sales, inventory, and supply-chain logistics unimpeded, and do it cost-effectively.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

With Leapfrog managing your day-to-day IT needs, you get the ultimate combination: peak performance for all your systems plus more time for your internal IT team to focus on delivering innovative solutions that improve efficiency and help grow your business.

To maximize your team’s productivity, you get:

Fully optimized IT
Our streamlined approach considers every part of your IT environment – your complex infrastructure requirements, application needs, the security and integrity of your data, and compliance constraints. We then configure, test, monitor, and maintain all your systems for optimum performance. As a result, you enjoy high availability, reliability, and security for all your networks, apps, and endpoints, and all the data flowing between them.

Responsive support
We offer remote response 24/7/365 out of our Network Operations Center and onsite field services when needed. Our live call answer rate is virtually unmatched with 95% of all issues resolved in under 60 seconds.

Maximum uptime
We constantly monitor and manage your IT infrastructure for maximum uptime. If systems go offline, we’ll know immediately and start remediation on your behalf. Through routine diagnostics, we can often detect and preempt a major event before it happens.

Strong security protections
We fortify your network security, data storage, and back-up preparedness. Our firewalls, anti-intrusion systems, end-to-end data encryption, and user permissions reduce your exposure to security breaches and help ensure data integrity.

Strategic business continuity
We offer a range of disaster recovery solutions, including private and hybrid cloud platforms that are secure, reliable, redundant, and highly available. And with Leapfrog data centers in Georgia and Texas, you get broad business continuity coverage in the event of a local disaster.

Compliance and audit support
Leapfrog IT services clear the highest bar for reporting and controls related to information processing availability, security, reliability, privacy, and confidentiality. We provide all the detail (and support) needed whenever audits happen.

Detailed analytics
We keep your entire IT environment integrated and working together harmoniously – with regular KPI report cards for complete accountability and transparency.

Predictable costs
You get the benefit of standardized processes, more efficient and scalable platforms, and predictable costs. We can even manage your IT vendors for you to optimize performance and reduce costs.

On-demand IT skill sets
Specialized expertise is built-in. You have on-demand access to IT experts from across the tech spectrum, including solutions architects and engineers for major integrations, upgrades, and new tech deployments.

Proven service delivery across multi-office environments
Your IT environment will be consistent regardless of location when you choose Single Source IT Management.

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