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November 30, 2016: ReadITQuick

Security Strategy for 2017

Adjusting your IT security strategy to match your risks from external threats is something you should definitely do every year. The bad guys keep coming up with new ways to hack and attack, so updating your security should be a top priority. Here are four areas of cybersecurity to review so that you can budget for any needed improvements.

November 21, 2016: ReadITQuick

Network Strategy in 2017

As the New Year is fast approaching, nearly everyone seems to be in budget planning mode. IT spending is a fundamental piece of the budget planning puzzle. Here are helpful tips and tricks to help you make the most of your 2017 IT budget:

October 11, 2016: Digital Guardian

Cyber Security Investments: Experts Discuss Detection vs. Prevention

Detection or prevention? 36 security pros and IT experts share their top recommendations for prioritizing security investments.
Meet Our Panel of Security Pros and IT Experts: (click here to meet Trey Hawkins from Leapfrog Services)

October 2016: Flarrio

Cloud Security: 23 predictions you need to know #tech2016

“We will continue to see organizations building private clouds, which offer more control and security than public cloud services. Having complete ownership of your cloud is the most secure option.”
Trey Hawkins, Leapfrog Services

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