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Collaboration: Teamwork Tools That Totally Work

Think about how much more your team could accomplish by collaborating with each other from anywhere in real time!

It’s enough to make you jump for joy! No more email suffocation … wasted travel … confusion about which version you’re looking at. A single collaboration platform that includes everything — communication tools, file sharing, the latest data, video conferencing — and dashboards for monitoring is great for business.

When it works seamlessly, of course!

With Leapfrog behind you, complex and sometimes finicky technologies like collaboration are easier to use because we turn “good in theory” into awesome best practices. We start by figuring out which collaboration solution is really best for you.

Then we procure it, install it and train your team to use it.

Maintenance, troubleshooting, hand holding? If there’s a way to make collaboration work better, we’re on it. Collaboration is our middle name! And if you have a question or need help out of a jam, our famous Help Desk is just a quick phone call away. So all you have to think about is being more productive.

We partner with Lifesize and Microsoft SharePoint and help you get the most out of their services, too. Unified Communications are usually part of the mix to make communicating easier and more convenient. If you want a test drive, call us! We’ll show you how it works and even bring along our portable HD video conferencing set-up so you can check out what you’ve been missing.

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