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Unified Communications: Simplify, Clarify, Unify!

Leapfrog unifies all of your communications into a single platform: desktop phones, mobile phones, video conferencing, fax communications, texts, chat and more.

Hence, unified communications. AKA: totally convenient. Think of it as one-hop connecting!

We take care of it all. From procuring and managing your VoIP desk and conference phones to setting up your communications platform to training your team and providing year-round maintenance and support. We can even integrate regular desk phones that are standards-compliant and even build a system with no desk phones at all — whoa, what a concept!

You get silo-free communications plus a ton of other productivity benefits, like free calls and voice messages in your email inbox. And with Leapfrog as your host, you can still access your communications from anywhere you can hop online even if the power at your location goes out.

And what about the ROI? Frogilicious! Investments in unified communications can pay off in as little as a few months because you save so much money on equipment, carrier bills, licensing and more – while also consolidating vendors.

Leapfrog works with best-in-class partners for the utmost stability plus the opportunity for you to collaborate using Microsoft tools. We’re talking all-out productivity here, folks.

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