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Virtualization: Frogs Make It Virtually Effortless

Got a bunch of old servers? Computers at the end of their life cycles? Data center with tens (or hundreds) of servers eating up space and power and air conditioning?

No problem: with virtualization, our expert frogs can help you do more with less. Consolidate your servers. Use desktop virtualization rather than buy new PCs. Prepare more easily for disaster recovery.

We can, for example, create up to 20 virtual servers on the same piece of hardware — either your hardware or ours (Leapfrog has made a significant investment in servers stored in a super-secure location). Remember partitioning? Virtualization isn’t that. Since 2005, the technology has improved dramatically. Today whatever happens on one virtual server doesn’t affect the next one over — they’re completely separate. Like one pond, different lily pads. Very efficient.

Fewer servers mean less cost to you. Less floorspace. Less effort to monitor and maintain. And less to replicate.

And more money to invest in other things. Like tasty flies and crickets.

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