LeapFrog IT Services

Not Dogma…Frogma!

Three wishes granted: Integrity, Service and People.

Once upon a time, there was a CEO with a computer network problem. She called her IT guy but he was not available. And neither was all the information stored in his head. Uh-oh.

So she got an idea: What if there were a company that made sure there was always someone on hand to solve IT problems? Kept detailed records of past issues that any tech could access? Made sure IT ecosystems were always up to snuff and up to date? Cared about clients, not just contracts? Planned ahead? Even (now this is really radical) answered the phone?

And voila: Leapfrog was born!

Gone was self-serving dogma. FROGMA took its place. So with Leapfrog, you get extraordinary enthusiasm and initiative reflected every day, in every way, through our unwavering commitments to what matters most: Integrity, Service and People.

And they all lived productively ever after.

Here’s the sign that has been displayed all over Leapfrog headquarters since Day One:

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