Industry expertise.

Capitalize on our know-how.

Working with a partner who knows how to deliver optimal IT for your specific industry saves you time, avoids mistakes, and gives you a competitive advantage. Leapfrog applies the valuable insights we’ve gained during thousands of work hours in your industry to your IT environment.

Clients over the past ten years that report they can recommend Leapfrog: 95%

It's good to be understood.

Your business runs smoother when everyone is speaking the same language. Here are three ways your organization benefits from partnering with IT professionals who understand your industry:

Industry benchmarking: Industry standards are standards for a reason — they have been proven to work. When your IT partner understands your industry’s norms, requirements, and jargon, your ability to leverage IT to your best advantage is much easier. The starting block includes proven industry solutions and processes that can be customized for your company. When it’s time to innovate, the Leapfrog team recommends the most appropriate options from our ongoing research or helps your team explore their ideas.

Another important aspect of our role is to inform your IT buying decisions. Having been part of countless technology purchases, we tell you when your bids are too high. There’s no guesswork on your part when it comes to integration or back-end costs, either. Knowing what’s normal to spend on IT within your industry helps you budget appropriately and keeps you from falling behind operationally.

Application knowledge: The tools companies use to get work done are the lifeblood of their productivity. To get the most out of your apps, they need to be installed, integrated, managed, monitored, and supported by experienced technicians who know them inside out. This allows you to take full advantage of their functionality and avoid performance problems. You also benefit when we solve an app problem for another client. We proactively apply the same fix to your environment so you don’t experience that same problem.

App expertise allows for customization as well. If your team has its own way of using apps, our team works with you to accommodate their preferences within the best practices framework.

Dedicated support teams: Your employees get the support they need quickly because Leapfrog’s IT Support Center staff is organized into teams focusing on the same types of businesses. This means when someone on your team calls with an app issue — including issues with one-off apps specific to your industry — they don’t have to explain things. They’re talking with someone who knows how to solve common issues and troubleshoot uncommon issues for the fastest resolution.

In addition, by partnering clients in many different industries, our teams have first-hand experience with multiple technology trends, some of which you may be able to apply to your business to get on a jump on your competition.

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The methodology works regardless of industry

We apply the Leapfrog Methodology for Partner Success to organizations in all industries, and have specialized knowledge in these fields and others:
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Energy
  • Nonprofit
  • Media & Marketing
  • Hospitality