Outsourced Expertise.

Leverage the industry's top talent, tools, and processes.

Get extraordinary results without maintaining in-house teams.

Improve maturity

IT problems are business problems. Leapfrog’s operational and security maturity resolves root causes to transform your IT into a business asset you can leverage.

Leverage brainpower

Capitalize on our existing army of IT frogs and CxO services. Industry-recognized leadership and multiple teams of highly specialized experts all work together for your best interest.

Delegate the day-to-day

Focus on what matters most to your business. Offloading your IT and cyber risk governance to Leapfrog lets your team spend more time generating revenue.

Secure holistically

As your security-centric IT partner, we reduce your cyber risk across the board. Your technology is only half the battle — our optional CyberRisk program covers the other half, too.

With 97% of clients reporting that Leapfrog is more effective than their in-house IT staff (over the past ten years), you can count on us. Whether you want to outsource all of your IT or just the parts that are holding you back, outsourcing to Leapfrog pays off. 

“I am always referring Leapfrog. I consider them an extension of my staff. When people ask, I tell them we work with Leapfrog. They are the best customer service company I have ever dealt with.”

CFO, Distribution Company

Is it a struggle to manage your IT spend and forecast for growth?

Pricing clarity is part of Leapfrog’s service. Our monthly fee covers day-to-day IT operations — the reliability, security, scalability, and other IT-related services you need to thrive and prosper. To help you keep cost management under control and budget accurately each year, we include cost forecasts in your IT and cybersecurity roadmaps Leapfrog’s transparent pricing enables you to:
  • Make more informed decisions with a clear view of IT spending
  • Structure your tech stack and services to match your budget
  • Reduce uncertainty related to unexpected IT expenditures
  • Proactively plan for future IT investments with expert guidance
  • Enhance stakeholder confidence with IT consistency and predictability

With IT operations and cost management under control, you can focus on the core business activities that drive your bottom line.

Explore Leapfrog's outsourced expertise:

Practice makes perfect

There’s a process for that — and we’ve been fine-tuning them for 25 years. Our proven methodologies shine even on the granular level.

Transition with confidence

Your IT ecosystem will continue to operate smoothly during your transition to Leapfrog because we consider every detail.

Apply specialization

Leap faster by working with experts who already understand your industry, industry standards, and apps.

See examples of success

Our clients appreciate that they can bring us challenges, large and small, and we resolve them quickly and effectively.

Start the conversation

We’re here to help regardless of the IT or cybersecurity issues that are holding you back. Reach out — let’s get started.

What makes Leapfrog better than other outsourced providers?

When your IT is secure and operates seamlessly, there's no limit to how far you can leap.