Manage Apps.

Keep your team hopping with fully managed, optimized apps.

Managed apps improve efficiency, productivity, and results.

Apps that perform at their best enable your team to perform at its best. Leapfrog manages the full lifecycle of cloud and on-premises applications, and if you have proprietary apps, we work with your stakeholders to manage them, too. 

More uptime, fewer disruptions

Even small organizations use an average of 73 apps — with so many apps to manage, it’s easy for app management to fall through the cracks. 

Offload the overload

With Leapfrog managing your apps, you don’t have to worry about app operations, maintenance, version control, or upgrades. Just use your apps — they’re ready. 

Systematic app management wins the day.

We document everything as part of the Leapfrog Methodology. We identify best practices for maintaining, updating, and troubleshooting each app, and develop change management processes for ongoing reliability. Sophisticated tools help us streamline everything. Our app management system includes:

  • Understanding business purpose of each app
  • Where each app is located (server or cloud)
  • How each app works
  • Who uses each app
  • Who authorizes privileges for each app
  • What’s involved in user onboarding and offboarding

Manage every type of app for optimal performance.