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Application Management To Get The Most Out Of Your Software

Your apps are as critical to your business operations as your network infrastructure — that’s why we manage apps. When your apps work right, everything else can work right, too.

Your email, file sharing, billing, scheduling, video conferencing, project management, payroll processing — almost every part of your business relies on data being processed correctly by one app or another. So when you have problems with your apps, you have problems with your business.

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Leapfrog manages apps of all types

Leapfrog proactively manages the apps you need to run your business — from your core apps (i.e., your operating system and Microsoft suite) to your cloud apps to third-party apps that may be specialized for your industry or company. We keep them updated, patched, secure, available and hopping along. If there’s a problem caused by something we can’t identify on our end, we’ll call the vendor and work it out on your behalf.

If your internal IT team has the deep knowledge needed to manage any internal or legacy apps, we can share app management responsibilities in ways that best support your team.

Leapfrog Application Management services include:

  • Testing
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Administration
  • Upgrades
  • Customization
  • Consulting

Expertise from years of training and experience

Our team has spent countless hours in training and thousands more managing core apps for hundreds of clients since 1998. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, experts on every operating system, and certified by VMWare, and the other vendors you probably use to run your business. We understand the issues and we solve problems fast.

For your third-party apps, or non-core apps, if we don’t already work with them we will learn them to ensure the installation, integration, performance, patches, and updates are all functioning properly. If there’s no documentation about how to manage a critical app, we’ll write it for you, including the escalation path. That way, even the toughest issues can be handled quickly and effectively.

Here are some of the apps we keep performing at their best

Core apps
Operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux), Microsoft Office and Exchange, Adobe Acrobat, VMware and standard web browsers

Third-party apps
● Cloud-based apps
Salesforce, Adobe, Workday, QuickBooks Online, SugarCRM, Google Apps, NetSuite, GoToMeeting, WebEx

● Traditional installed apps
QuickBooks, Ceridian, Cognos, SPSS, Epicor

● Apps that run in servers and the cloud
Axys, Moxie, Geneva, Peachtree Accounting, Great Plains, Raiser’s Edge, FileMaker, AirWatch

Managing your apps is an integral part of managing your IT environment

Most managed IT companies won’t manage apps because it’s not easy. But without effective app management, including the use of sophisticated tools for a streamlined management process, you can’t truly achieve an optimized IT environment. When combined with IT Support Center expertise, Leapfrog’s application management translates into more efficient, optimized business operations.

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