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Managed IT Services for businesses and nonprofits since 1998.

Your IT is the foundation of your organization and its springboard at the same time. ​IT performance, security, cloud services, apps, disaster recovery, end-user support — it’s all part of an integrated environment that keeps you moving forward.

Leapfrog Services, Inc.
1190 West Druid Hills Drive, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30329
Office: 404-870-2122
Fax: 404-870-2123

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If your organization partners with Leapfrog and you need IT support, please call:

Help Desk: 404-870-2124 • Toll-free Help Desk: 866-870-2124

Or submit a ticket.

If you need sales support, please send us an email.

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If you want information about how Leapfrog partners with organizations to improve, optimize, and operate their IT environments, please let us know so we can follow up with you:

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