Secure your IT.

99% of Leapfrog clients over the past 10 years report having confidence in Leapfrog security.

As an MSSP, everything we do is security-centric.


Leapfrog builds inherently secure systems, and we continuously identify, monitor, and manage your IT risk. Secure IT empowers your business.


Stop potential threats in their tracks. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) operates 24/7 and has mitigated thousands of threats.


Match your threat protection to your needs. Even our entry-level security package is highly advanced.


Leverage our tools, threat intelligence, indecent response, and knowledge of the latest security standards.

Leapfrog is an MSP, MSSP, and cyber risk management provider. We offer two tiers of security packages — Essential and Premium — with the advanced package including governance beyond IT. The solutions in both packages change frequently to keep up with evolving technology and cyber risk.

“Leapfrog has always focused on managing IT securely — all the performance in the world won’t help you if a cyberattack shuts you down. We staff our security teams with some of the most qualified, experienced professionals in the industry who run sophisticated tools in your IT ecosystem according to Leapfrog Methodology standards. This approach is a big part of the reason our clients are so satisfied.”

Emmett (Trey) Hawkins, Leapfrog Services Chief Technology Officer

Trey founded Virtex Networks, a leader in Atlanta remote monitoring and management, that Leapfrog acquired in 2001.

Is your security or compliance risk a threat to your business?

Your company needs the right level of protection to secure your IT ecosystem and avoid disruptions. All Leapfrog clients receive 24/7 security monitoring and our Standard Security Package, which includes the security controls required for responsible IT management. Our other packages offer increasingly advanced security solutions and tool refinements — reaching the optimal level of security for your company is a progressive process:

  • Protect and defend for basic cyber hygiene
  • Contain and monitor to better manage risk
  • Add proactive services, such as those that provide visibility
  • Add automated services, such as threat detection and threat response
  • Adjust your security strategy as threats and your needs evolve

Explore comprehensive security services from Leapfrog:

Stay optimized

Keep your data in and hackers out with Leapfrog’s highly fine-tuned cybersecurity methodology processes.

Control access

Lock down sensitive data by risk classification to allow for-your-eyes-only access that’s monitored and managed.

Simplify compliance

Comply with regulations and standards and provide the documentation to prove it — us frogs attend audit meetings, too.

Recover in a blink

Develop a DR plan that’s tailored, tested, and managed (or co-managed) by us frogs so you recover quickly from any size disaster.

Manage CyberRisk Beyond IT

Extend your cybersecurity protection beyond your IT with Leapfrog’s Ring of Security approach that covers your people, processes, and facilities.

Which security package is right for your company?

When your IT is secure and operates seamlessly, there's no limit to how far you can leap.