Cloud management.

Two decades of cloud expertise.
Well-managed clouds let you modernize and transform with the flexibility to customize and scale as needed. Leapfrog integrates and manages as many cloud services as you need, clearing up cloud confusion and making way for better efficiency, security, and cloud ROI.

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Use the cloud to support your business strategy.

Any cloud service you use should support your business goals. Cloud services are attractive because they’re prebuilt, scalable, and ready to go — you pay for what you use without having to buy and maintain equipment. Cloud services can also shorten time-to-market. New business initiatives can be rolled out faster because you’re using existing resources in the cloud and turned off if they don’t work out or you change strategies.

At the same time, while it’s easy to get up and running quickly, it may be hard to predict what your actual usage will be. Your costs may be higher than you expected and you may need to make additional investments to stay the course. User experience might also suffer, which can be costly to resolve or even require changing platforms. Any risk associated to operations that require tight availability and performance control need to be taken into consideration.

Although there can be caveats, the cloud can be a journey worth taking and is empowering many organizations.

Leapfrog works closely with you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using specific cloud services as we develop the optimal IT approach for your business strategy.

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Choose to uncomplicate your cloud services.

As with every other IT component, your clouds have specific roles to play in running your business. While they may be advertised as plug-and-play, you still need to configure and manage them to your requirements. The more clouds you use, the more you need experienced cloud management professionals to ensure everything works together and runs smoothly. Cloud sprawl creates security and management challenges, and automating cloud processes for optimal value and efficiency is a complicated — and ongoing — activity.

Leapfrog’s network operations team has developed routine, automated processes to continually monitor your hybrid-IT environment. This process includes the ability for your cloud infrastructure, platforms, apps, and resources to be located anywhere in the world; yet, in your IT environment, they are all integrated, configured, monitored, and managed to the service levels you require. If you need to comply with regulations, cloud activity is logged and documented using the same standards as with your on-premises solutions.

Leapfrog has been providing cloud management services since 1998 (before it was called “the cloud”) and has well-established partnerships with the industry’s leading cloud service providers. Additional benefits include:

  • Customize each cloud service to be secure
  • Eliminate weak links by applying end-to-end security, including controlling user and network access
  • Routinely monitor for vulnerabilities
  • Offer supplemental options to protect highly sensitive data
  • Update and apply best practices as capabilities improve and the threat landscape changes
  • Advise on ways to leverage cloud platform features that could help your business
  • Manage performance for improved speed, functionality, and ease of collaboration
  • Execute and document changes as needed, including onboarding and offboarding partners and collaborators
  • Support end users, including troubleshooting issues related to moving to the cloud
  • Improve the speed at which you can deliver new solutions
  • Quickly integrate new solutions and capabilities with existing systems — no need to develop your own apps or use an open RFP process
  • Provide temporary access to solutions for temporary needs
  • Monitor resources so you don’t spend money unnecessarily
  • Provision and deprovision users quickly to avoid paying for services or licenses you don’t need
  • Review pricing packages regularly to make sure you’re getting the most cost-effective suite for your current needs

Understand different cloud types and locations.

Your IT strategy will undoubtedly include some cloud services — today, all organizations use the cloud in some way. Understanding the different types of cloud services and where they can be located helps you visualize the hybrid IT environment that Leapfrog recommends:

Types of cloud services:

Technology end users rely on cloud apps almost every day. Examples include Office 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce, Dropbox, MailChimp, and Slack.

Developers build apps using cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, and CloudBees. Leapfrog configures PaaS properly and keeps them secure and operating smoothly.

Network architects use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), including Rackspace and Amazon Web Services (AWS), when designing networks.

If you need custom cloud solutions, our team can design and build what you need. To date, we’ve designed, implemented, and managed hundreds of integrated cloud solutions built on our private cloud, our clients’ private clouds, or in the public cloud.

Locations of cloud services:

If your company works with highly sensitive data, uses proprietary apps that are not well-suited for shared platforms, or requires ultra-fast computing, Leapfrog can build and manage your own private cloud.

Leapfrog hosts dozens of clients on our ultra-secure private cloud with guaranteed availability. Most clients that use our private cloud need extra security, run industry-specific applications, or have requirements that can’t be met by the public cloud.

If you don’t want to own technology and want to use an ecosystem of existing cloud apps plus have the flexibility of elastic usage, the public cloud may be your ideal option. AWS, Microsoft, and VMware are popular public cloud choices that Leapfrog can easily integrate into your environment and manage.