IT & Cybersecurity.

Manage IT and cyber risk with one partner that does both.

A holistic, comprehensive approach to IT that works seamlessly.

Simpler approach

Hop onboard with a one-stop shop that manages your IT and cyber risk through integrated services from accountable professionals.

Safer ecosystem

Secure your entire IT environment — plus the people, processes, and facilities connected to it. Our Ring of Security approach delivers full protection. 

Smoother operations

Unify your systems for a better experience. When your ecosystems and risk management processes work together, they’re better, faster, and more resilient.

Wiser investment

Get the depth, breadth, and scalability you need — including expert advice — without investing in building and maintaining your own internal teams.

Your technology and cyber risk are interconnected — shouldn’t your strategies be, too? Leapfrog’s transformative approach resolves IT-related business problems and simultaneously secures your ecosystem beyond IT.

“It is no trivial process to change IT providers, but the transition to Leapfrog was incredibly smooth.”

CEO, Financial Services Company

Is your business strategy outpacing your IT capabilities?

Your IT needs to keep up with the pace of business by being modern, secure, and expertly managed so your initiatives don’t get stuck. Leapfrog’s holistic approach empowers your business by delivering:
  • IT and cybersecurity strategies that align with your business strategy
  • Detailed road maps for planning and budgeting
  • Scalable solutions and the latest technologies
  • Deployment and integrations that minimize disruptions
  • Continuous monitoring and management

Explore how Leapfrog manages your IT and cybersecurity:

Outsource operations

Partnering with Leapfrog enables you to leverage your technology by aligning your IT strategy with your business goals.

Streamline IT

Specialized teams design, build, manage, and continually improve your IT ecosystem so everything is integrated and seamless.

Secure your ecosystem

Threat protection that’s built-in and aligned with your business needs — not too much or too little.

Manage cyber risk

Our Ring of Security approach to cyber risk management extends beyond your IT to cover your people, processes, and facilities.

Operate holistically

Plan and operate systematically for the performance and security you need across your organization.

Support Your End-users

Friendly and knowledgeable IT experts are available 24/7 to keep your team happy and productive.

Partnering with a single provider for IT and cybersecurity makes smart business sense.

When your IT is secure and operates seamlessly, there's no limit to how far you can leap.