Managed IT.

Simplify your IT.

Technology drives your business success, but technology can get complicated. When you partner with Leapfrog, your IT environment is optimized and proactively managed. Cloud, security, infrastructure, apps, end-user support — everything is integrated and works together seamlessly.

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Connecting the dots between running your business and managing your IT.

Every part of your IT is connected to the rest — infrastructure, network, data, apps, security, cloud, day-to-day management — so they all must work properly and work together. When your optimized IT system is designed, secured, and managed to align with your business strategy, your IT not only performs better and protects against cyber loss, but it empowers you to be more productive and pursue more opportunities. IT that’s healthier, more secure, more efficient, and more flexible is a more leverageable business asset.

IT security that's built-in and can be supercharged.

Risk is part of doing business but how much risk is acceptable to you? Your best IT security strategy fits your organization like a glove — not too little, not too much, but just right.

Leapfrog is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that looks at IT security issues hierarchically. With our CyberRisk Program, our security consultants work with you to understand your business and risk to build a customized, comprehensive risk strategy that establishes a ring of security across all attack vectors. Appropriate governance and risk compliance are part of your security roadmap, and so is filling any permanent or temporary security staffing gaps.

Securing your IT operations is about half of your comprehensive risk strategy — we start by covering the basics and your greatest risks. Then, we add protection layers and refine the tools that safeguard your most critical data. And always, from day one, we monitor and respond to events quickly.

You can’t let your guard down when it comes to threats that are always changing. Leapfrog’s highly experienced and recognized security professionals, along with the industry’s most sophisticated tools, keep your business as secure as possible and enable you to recover quickly from any incidents.

97% of Leapfrog clients over the past ten years have reported that Leapfrog is more effective than their in-house IT staff

A managed IT partner who's at your side and at your service.

High-performing clouds

Managed clouds are good for business. They integrate seamlessly with the rest of your IT, function the way they’re supposed to, are secure and stable, and deliver computing power and innovation opportunities at the click of a button.

Security at every level

Staying on top of risk protects your organization and gives you peace of mind. Managed security covers your entire IT environment, and our CyberRisk Program covers all four attack vectors, including people, processes, and facilities.

Reliable, available infrastructure

Your infrastructure is the foundation of your optimized IT. When all your components are configured and managed to operate properly and provide the right capacity, your systems are available, secure, efficient, and ready for business.

Optimized, secure apps

Apps that are performing at their best empower your employees and enhance productivity. With apps that are secure, managed, integrated, and supported, you get fewer disruptions, more visibility, and reduced exposure to risk.

Clouds that are managed and clear the way for transformation.

The cloud can be smart, useful, and sometimes confusing. Is the cloud a strategy or a tool? Is pay-as-you-go cost-effective in the long run? Can the cloud be as secure as on-premises solutions? Can many different clouds be integrated to work together even though they’re from different providers?

Partnering with IT professionals who have been managing and securing cloud services for decades clears up the confusion.

Leapfrog considers cloud services to be tools in your IT toolkit — if a cloud service aligns with your business strategy and is the best tool to meet your goals, then it’s the right tool for your IT environment. The Leapfrog Methodology integrates all of your cloud services into your environment and manages them for availability, security, and integrity. You get secure, seamless IT regardless of where the computing is taking place.

IT management experience that adds up.

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IT-support experts that help on the spot.

Every time one of your employees experiences a technology problem — an app isn’t working, the internet is slow, a computer freezes — it’s a distraction and it interferes with productivity. Glitches pop up even in an optimized environment. Your team can call our IT Support Center whenever they experience a problem and talk to a friendly, trained analyst who knows your company’s systems. The vast majority of issues are resolved during the first call so your employees can get back to work and be happy that they called. By using ITIL methodology, Leapfrog ensures no issue remains unresolved or falls through the cracks.

A managed IT methodology that lets you leapfrog the rest.

Your IT can deliver the performance, security, and flexibility your business needs by applying the Leapfrog Methodology for Partner Success. The Leapfrog Methodology is a proven process that aligns your IT strategy with your business strategy and is designed to deliver the results you want. See if the methodology might be right for your organization by learning about the first step.