The Leapfrog Methodology is a proven, repeatable process that systematically optimizes and manages your IT.

Wherever you are on your technology journey, our methodology meets you there. At its core is the idea that everything in your IT environment — infrastructure, network, tools, apps, processes — contributes to your business success. By standardizing and improving your IT and the way it operates, the Leapfrog Methodology moves your environment up the IT Maturity Scale. Your IT becomes more effective and simplified with each step. The more mature your managed IT, the more your team can be free to focus on generating revenue.

The Leapfrog Methodology has helped hundreds of organizations leverage their IT to grow, stay secure, and take advantage of new opportunities.

The Leapfrog Methodology is a proven, repeatable process that helps you achieve your business goals, stay secure, and be ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

Link your IT strategy to your business strategy.

When your IT strategy aligns with your business strategy, it’s the recipe for getting things done. Even if your IT systems are all working properly, your IT strategy can still be out of alignment if it doesn’t include the tools, processes, and experts you need to get the results you want. The right IT strategy leads to the right IT technologies all working together in a secure IT environment that’s standardized, optimized, high performing, and resilient. The results you get are the results you want.

Your business success and your IT are inextricably connected.

Continually manage and improve your IT.

The Leapfrog Methodology starts with understanding your business and identifying IT challenges. After designing and deploying updated solutions in a way that minimizes disruptions to your company, we move into the management phase — Leapfrog continually manages, secures, and optimizes your IT environment to align with your business goals.

Assess — Analyze and evaluate to build your IT roadmap

Deploy — Transition and modernize based on strategic design

Manage — Proactively maintain and operate IT while providing end-user support

Enhance — Constantly optimize your environment to keep you secure and productive

Choose the right people, tools, and processes.

Even IT professionals who spend their days making IT decisions can get stuck deciding between technology options — which will best meet their needs now while remaining flexible for future needs? Which will integrate seamlessly with their existing systems? How can they transition to updated solutions without slowing down business? What’s the most important thing to do first?

The Leapfrog Methodology removes the guesswork.

We developed our methodology to answer questions like these and provide technology guidance, implementation, and support to our partners. The methodology begins with gaining an understanding of how your business operates, then assessing and benchmarking your current technology. Based on the findings and your goals, we develop an IT roadmap that solves any immediate problems, defines needed improvements in priority order, and lays out a reasonable cadence to move forward. Leapfrog manages what we design and build, and we also co-manage with in-house IT teams.

Increase IT maturity for better IT business value.

The process of benchmarking, road mapping, and improving your IT is continual within the Leapfrog Methodology. This cyclical approach is the guiding principle of our methodology, and it enables your company to systematically move up the IT Maturity Scale.

The more mature your IT, the more your IT can empower your business.

The IT Maturity Scale represents the progression from chaotic to strategic. You may notice the bottom two levels are related to operational activities and the top two are related to service levels. The middle level, the Proactive level, is the transition that’s all about IT becoming an asset to the business. In determining where your company currently falls on the scale, you may find you have some characteristics in a few different levels — this is typical.

To get the most business value from your IT, it’s best to master each level as you progress up the scale so you can build on your proficiencies. Leapfrog’s targeted minimal operating level for IT efficiency is Level 3 — our methodology is designed to get every client to “Managed” as fast as the budget and change-tolerance allows.

Transition and improve smoothly.

Part of the Leapfrog Methodology is ensuring the transition to working with Leapfrog is easy for everyone at your organization. As a service company, we prioritize your ability to keep doing business effectively at all times, including during the transition period.

The transition to Leapfrog is designed, planned, and scheduled with your internal team to have minimal impact on your operations and require as little effort on your part as possible.

The goal is for your teams, customers, and stakeholders to be unaware that changes are taking place — to fix the plane while it’s flying. Onboarding sessions with your employees, if needed, are included. Judging by the responses we get from our clients immediately after the transition and continuing throughout our partnerships, the Leapfrog Methodology more than meets expectations.

Take the first step on the right IT path.

If you’re ready to find out how the Leapfrog Methodology may resolve your technology issues and improve your business results, we invite you to contact us today.

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