Leapfrog Methodology.

Proven, repeatable processes keep your business leaping forward.

The Leapfrog Methodology optimizes and manages your IT ecosystem systematically.

Keep getting better

Get increasingly mature IT to pursue increasingly exciting opportunities — regardless of where you are on your IT journey.

Use roadmaps that work

Pinpoint trouble areas and map out solutions that will integrate with what you already have to improve your IT ecosystem and manage cyber risk.

Score and prioritize

Identify and score your cyber risk across all four attack vectors so you can remediate in priority order.

No more guesswork

Feel confident knowing there’s a playbook for everything — the Leapfrog Methodology uses proven, repeatable processes.

The Leapfrog Methodology concept is straightforward — use what’s been proven to be effective to deliver our clients the most secure, seamless IT experiences at a predictable cost. Along with Frogma, the Leapfrog Methodology is at the heart of what sets Leapfrog apart.

“Leapfrog plays a key role in our business because we don’t have an IT department, so they provide the IT infrastructure, advice, and customer service we need to run our organization. When we moved to Leapfrog, our network went from poor to great.”

CEO, Non-Profit Organization

Is your IT failing to deliver increasingly better performance and resiliency?

To keep moving forward, your IT ecosystem needs to keep up with your business strategy. The key to achieving IT and cybersecurity operational excellence is cyclical — continuously assess, deploy, manage, and enhance according to industry standards and your evolving business goals. The Leapfrog Methodology meets you wherever you are on your business journey and applies this annual cycle of activities:
  • Assess: Evaluate your IT and cyber risk to build your IT and cybersecurity roadmaps
  • Deploy: Remediate and modernize systematically based on approved design
  • Manage: Maintain, operate, and govern proactively to keep you productive and secure
  • Enhance: Optimize your IT ecosystem and security program as goals and threats evolve

More maturity empowers bigger goals

The Leapfrog Methodology includes the process of aligning benchmarking, road mapping, and budgeting is included within Frogology — pre-planning is central. Following this methodology year after year moves you up the IT and cybersecurity maturity scale. The top level to aim for is “strategic.”

The more mature your operations, the more you can achieve.  

  • Strategic
  • Managed
  • Proactive
  • Reactive
  • Chaotic

Meet every one of your requirements.

When your IT is secure and operates seamlessly, there's no limit to how far you can leap.