Disaster recovery.

Recover within minutes.
Even optimized IT environments face risk from sudden events. Leapfrog’s DR team helps you recover quickly from any size or type of IT disaster, often within minutes. The best way to barely miss a beat is to have a fully tested DR plan and the right partner to execute it.

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Partnering with DR experts protects your business continuity.

It is possible for your organization can experience a significant IT disaster and barely miss a beat.

With the right DR strategy, best-of-class backup and recovery technology that’s located in Tier 3+ data centers, nonstop monitoring, and DR experts who are ready to instantly execute your plan, you can minimize the impact a disaster has on your business.

Leapfrog’s specialized team of DR experts successfully manages a variety of DR events every week, using proven tools and processes and working with the industry’s best technology partners. Regardless of your Leapfrog DR solution, our team coordinates with your internal IT department, vendors, and business continuity team to execute a smooth, streamlined, end-to-end recovery. If needed, your plan can include emergency location setup and deployment of IT equipment for your employees.

Choosing the just-right DR solution.

Leapfrog has been providing offsite DR replication solutions since our inception in 1998, cloud-based disaster recovery solutions since 2003, and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) since 2017. We have found that one of the following solutions is a good fit for every client:

Cloud-based DR: Eliminate the need for a secondary site.
Cloud-based DR solutions give you the security of available networks, data, and applications without the expense of maintaining a secondary site. Recovery takes place in the cloud and is executed either by our experienced team at Leapfrog or by your team with our assistance. Normal operations resume in as quickly as a few minutes.

  • Streamlined functionality, from configuration to testing to recovery
  • Evidence-based DR management that simplifies compliance testing and reporting
  • Predictable operating expenses
  • ​As much or as little DR management and execution as your IT department requires

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS): Subscribe to a subscription-based solution
DRaaS from Leapfrog is fully integrated with a private-cloud recovery environment that provides secure asynchronous replication, failover, and failback. Technology advancements in cloud and replication technology make DRaaS an excellent option for many companies, including enterprises. It’s easy to configure and operate, offers the ability to activate virtual off-site resources on-demand, and provides a recovery environment that looks just like your primary environment so employees don’t notice the difference while working.

  • DR that’s run in a private cloud — either your own, Leapfrog’s, or a third-party private cloud
  • ​A solution that meets or exceeds your Recovery Point Objective/Recovery Time Objective (RPO/RTO) targets
  • An interface that enables you to manage and execute recoveries in-house if you choose
  • Hands-on DR execution with a managed service contract
  • Pricing based on the number of platforms protected and the amount of storage being used

HopperTM: Get enterprise-quality DR for your smaller company
Hopper is ideal for organizations with straightforward IT. It was the first cloud-based DR solution that provided a good alternative to tape. Hopper replicates backups to the public cloud, uses network-attached storage (NAS) technology to perform data backup at the block level, and captures incremental backups after the base image is captured. It includes an on-site and off-site backup.

Planning for a successful recovery.

DR plan development:
For managed services clients, Leapfrog can help you build a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) that meets your unique Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements and finds the right balance between DR protection and insurance coverage.

To do this, we translate everything we learn about your business into a detailed plan. We discuss your budget, priorities, and business continuity approach and review your data retention policy, software, warranties, compliance issues, and reliability and capacity issues. Analyzing your network, systems, physical assets, and back-up process is part of your DRP development as well.

Developing your DRP doesn’t have to be overly burdensome or expensive. We’ve written countless plans — yours will be tailored to your exact needs and include processes for a variety of scenarios, including network failure, natural disasters, sabotage, and extended power outages. ​

​DR plan testing:
The best way for your organization to recover from a major IT disaster is to practice recovering. Leapfrog offers routine DR tests to make sure your DRP works as expected. The results from the initial test allow us to refine any areas that need improvement and then test your plan again. Once your plan passes our final test, we write up your DRP in language anyone can understand (no jargon) and offer advice on how to train your staff to execute it.

We highly recommend testing at least annually and updating your DRP as needed.

​DR plan execution:
As your strategic IT business partner, Leapfrog’s primary goal is to prevent disasters of any size from occurring in the first place. This is why we provide managed IT environments that adhere to standards and are properly monitored. If your organization experiences a disaster or if something in your Leapfrog-managed IT environment goes down for any reason, our team is ready to execute your DRP. There’s no reason to panic.

Still, no matter how many times you test your plan, a real-life crisis will be unique. You’ll probably need to improvise in some way, so it’s important that your DR team knows your environment and is ready for surprises.