CyberRisk Governance.

Managing cyber risk requires proactive governance.

Foster a culture of security while ensuring your program is followed.

The root cause for nearly all headline breaches originates from insufficient cyber risk governance. With CyberRisk Beyond IT, your Leapfrog vCSO oversees compliance with your cyber risk program to ensure your operations align with your security priorities.

Succeed through oversight

In today’s threat environment, your company needs a formalized approach to execute your cyber risk strategy that includes policies, procedures, processes, and standards. Then you need to confirm your entire team is following them. 

Follow a proven approach

Some governance methodologies work better than others. Leapfrog’s CyberRisk team has decades of experience helping companies stay in compliance without slowing down business.  

A balanced approach to cyber risk governance.

The security policies and procedures Leapfrog develops to execute your CyberRisk Strategy strike a balance between security, cost, agility, and regulatory compliance. Our CyberRisk Governance activities oversee those policies. Governance activities may include the following management services depending on your program:

  • Vendor risk management
  • Business continuity management
  • Incident response, including Strike Force team management
  • Compliance and audit preparation management
  • Compliance control management

Take security management to the next level of maturity.

With CyberRisk governance, you get professional oversight and related security reports, plus the added value of a vCSO who can help you control costs and educate staff. Our vCSOs have a unique blend of deep technical knowledge and fine-tuned interpersonal skills — your team learns best practices while being held accountable.

  • Track program metrics
  • Manage budgets
  • Control change 
  • Audit program compliance

When your IT is secure and operates seamlessly, there's no limit to how far you can leap.