IT Support Center.

We eat IT problems for lunch.

Leapfrog optimizes your end-user support along with the rest of your IT. Our Atlanta-based help desk and escalations teams resolve your IT issues quickly whenever they pop up, from computers misbehaving to internet or network problems. Smart, friendly frogs are at your service 24/7/365.

Are you a Leapfrog client who needs help now?

Please call our IT Support Center at 404-870-2124 or toll-free at 866-870-2124.

Call for help any time — our smart frogs are standing by.

Whenever your employees need help with any technology problem, they can call our IT Support Center. We answer right away and typically resolve even complex issues during the first call. Your team can also open a ticket online at any time.

Leapfrog is able to provide this high level of service and swift resolutions by hiring many more well-trained professionals than is typical. Our Support Center is staffed with dozens of US-based analysts — many of them engineers — who are capable of resolving even complex problems and, if needed, will escalate issues to our top-level specialists. Since your employees know their IT issues will be resolved quickly, they’re more likely to call instead of trying to troubleshoot themselves or use workarounds. As a result, your workforce will be more productive, less frustrated, and happier with your IT.

In addition, IT directors can count on our large support staff to temporarily absorb the responsibilities of internal IT staff if they’re out sick or on vacation.

96% of Leapfrog clients over the past ten years say, “Help Desk solves my problem quickly.”

Count on our proven methodology.

​Leapfrog uses the global ITIL framework, the international gold standard, as our IT Support Center methodology. With ITIL, your organization benefits from decades of data about how to best evaluate and solve IT problems — this helps us ensure we can create visibility, optimize workflows, address issues quickly, collaborate with your internal team, and identify and rectify chronic problems.

This methodology reduces business interruptions and risk and is more cost-effective for you in the long term.

Any issue that comes up in your environment is processed, managed, and tracked. You receive reports on all issues and we retain historical data so we are able to evaluate trends and do deeper research and analysis, if needed.

  • Same high level of support for employees working from the office, at home, or any location
  • Same responsiveness for your C-suite, administrative team, back-office personnel, consultants, outsourced team, seasonal employees, and teams out in the field
  • Support for all major operating systems — Windows, Android, Linux, Macs, OSX, and iOs
  • Monthly, board-ready reports to show how we’re performing against our Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
  • Ability to provide detailed reports down to the smallest detail and generate on-demand compliance reports
  • Absolutely no attitude or tech lingo — just friendly IT support

Champion your top-notch, in-house IT support team.

One thing that can hold an organization back from outsourcing some or all of its support center responsibilities is the loyalty it understandably feels towards its IT staff who have been doing a great job. If this sounds like your company, we have good news. It’s not uncommon for Leapfrog to absorb qualified personnel from our clients when it’s time to outsource their roles.

We’re always looking for smart associates to join our team, and we can often help them be successful and grow in ways that aren’t possible as part of an in-house team.