Risk Strategy.

Align your risk strategy with your goals and risk tolerance.

Discover gaps and set priorities to achieve full protection.

Most small and mid-market companies don’t have a defined risk management strategy. Formalizing your strategy with a CyberRisk Beyond IT program enables you to better protect your intellectual property, systems, and reputation.

Define program solutions

Your written cyber risk strategy clearly defines your priorities and determines appropriate resource allocations and oversight responsibilities. It’s a board-ready document that’s based on your goals and is easy to follow. 

Build your road map

Your cybersecurity road map includes clearly defined remediation projects and timelines. We use the CMMI maturity model, the industry-standard, to score your current risks and track improvements.

How Leapfrog builds your cyber risk strategy.

Every CyberRisk Beyond IT engagement begins with a comprehensive discovery process that identifies three key facts — the information you must secure, your current processes for securing it, and your risk tolerance level. Then, we apply our Ring of Security approach to:

  • Define the future-state vision you’d like to achieve
  • Identify the gaps between your current and future states
  • Develop the road map to achieve your cybersecurity future state
  • Cost out and prioritize initiatives to address gaps in priority order

Close collaboration during risk strategy development.

A Leapfrog vCSO who understands your business vertical will guide the strategy-development process. The vCSO will meet with every member of your leadership team that’s appropriate to get their input — your team provides the goals, and we apply the best risk management practices to achieve them. As your needs and the threat environment evolve, your vCSO will discuss how to update your risk strategy with you. 

  • Define major risks
  • Establish priorities
  • Clarify regulatory requirements
  • Define stakeholder interests

When your IT is secure and operates seamlessly, there's no limit to how far you can leap.