Leapfrog leadership.

Leapfrog’s team is a multifaceted, cohesive group of skilled business and IT professionals who work collaboratively with clients and keep the focus where it should be — on our clients’ best interests.

While our CEO usually prefers not to call attention to her vast business experience, many directorship roles, and innumerable accolades, her leadership style is grounded in her lifelong commitment to business and civic involvement — and it’s part of what makes Leapfrog different. After having gained decades of experience running and guiding organizations, she founded Leapfrog to help companies have access to the same level of IT support and infrastructure that’s available to enterprises.

All of the employees she’s welcomed to the Leapfrog family share the same philosophy. Each “frog” sees IT as a helpful set of tools and processes whose purpose is to help organizations be successful. Each is also an expert in their specific area, passionate about best practices, and committed to interacting with others in a way that makes technology helpful rather than complicated.

Leapfrog clients over the past ten years that reported they would retain Leapfrog for the next 12 months: 96%

Meet our leadership team.

Claire Lewis (Yum) Arnold

CEO, aka Boss Frog

Claire Lewis Arnold co-founded Leapfrog in 1998 and serves as its CEO,  bringing a wealth of experience in high-growth business development and long-range strategic planning to the Leapfrog team. She is passionate about enabling clients to securely fulfill their mission through highly serviced technology.

Aubrey Sabala is Leapfrog’s Chief Operating Officer. With over 20 years of marketing and operational experience, she oversees business operations, sales, marketing, account management and communications throughout the company.

Michael Burnette

CSO, aka Dr. Tech

Michael serves as Chief Service Officer for Leapfrog, which means he is responsible for the delivery of extraordinary services to our clients. Michael is passionate about the engineering of support processes that help make life easy for clients.

Emmett (Trey) Hawkins

CTO, aka Sage of All Frogs

Emmett oversees the technology solutions, technical service offerings, hosted services, and evolution of Leapfrog’s core service offerings. He also works with Leapfrog clients as an advisor and solutions architect.
Ken Brantley

Ken Brantley

Director of Sales & Strategic Accounts

Ken leads the sales team and is responsible for all Leapfrog Services sales. He believes effective IT is a critical component of business success and enjoys helping clients make choices that will enable their future growth to be unencumbered by IT limitations.

Megan Swany

Human Resources Director

Megan is the Human Resources Director at Leapfrog. Megan is responsible for all human resource initiatives, specifically in the areas of talent management, employee benefits, training, development, and coaching. She serves as an advocate for both employees and the business, constantly balancing the needs of both to ensure that employees receive the required support from their employer and the business has employees who are focused on success.

Sean Ellison

Network Operations Center Manager

Mark Burke

Service Delivery Manager

Robert Moua

Security Operations Team Manager

Jeremy Burger

Director of Project Management

“As a long-term client of Leapfrog Services, I continue to be impressed with the high level of services provided by their team. Leapfrog delivers on their promises, is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and proactive to our changing needs. We don’t worry about our IT anymore, which is both a relief and a business asset.”

CFO, Atlanta-based Real Estate Development Company

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