Client success stories.

The right IT partner changes everything.

Creating a holistic security program after successful ransomware recovery.


A popular attraction was attacked by ransomware — a third party had failed to patch and manage systems that were used to process payments and provide attendee services.
Leapfrog had our client back up and running within hours (without paying the ransom), yet the experience inspired company leadership to fast-track security improvements that they had been considering. Using Leapfrog’s post-attack risk analysis, they could determine which security options were the best investments for developing a holistic security program with managed IT services to operate and support it.

Implementing DRaaS to keep up with business growth.

Insurance company

The growth of leading insurance company with 18,000 policyholders was outpacing its disaster recovery (DR) solution. It needed a scalable, distributive solution that improved business continuity, reduced risk and recovery times, and was regulatory compliant.
In under 30 days, Leapfrog implemented a Disaster Recovery as a Solution (DRaaS) that provided rapid data replication and recovery capabilities for 200+ servers and a 25+ terabyte data footprint. The new solution reduced recovery time capabilities from 5+ days to under two days and reduced the number of needed vendors. Leapfrog manages the solution, which can be leveraged to meet future growth.

Improving security for remote collaboration, communication.


A health-services provider needed much of its workforce to use their own devices while working at home. Many employees had the appropriate devices but did not have the required Virtual Private Network (VPN) software client installed. Without it, they would not be able to communicate and collaborate securely.
By creating a standardized VPN configuration with a custom how-to document and video to go along with it, Leapfrog had the 300+ employees who needed VPN access up and running within a few days.

Coordinating multiple teams for attack recovery, developing an IRP.


A client’s entire phone system shut down after being hacked. A system provider had left it unpatched, and after other providers tried for two days to fix the systems, Leapfrog’s cybersecurity team took over.
Leapfrog ensured the compromise was contained, coordinated all parties to complete each recovery task in the proper order, and had the phone system working again that same afternoon. Afterward, Leapfrog developed a much-needed incident response plan for the client so it could manage future attacks more smoothly and with much less downtime.

Ensuring employees can access needed data securely.

Financial services company

Leapfrog had just transitioned a financial services company to centralized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to improve security and efficiencies when COVID-19 hit. The company was forced to scale up immediately. Overnight, all employees were able to start working from home using their personal computers.
To manage access to personal printers and scanners, Leapfrog rolled out an updated VDI configuration immediately, allowing the company to pull off the mass transition to teleworking efficiently and securely, including all necessary platforms and tools.

Stabilizing network infrastructure for rapid growth.


The core business application users of a public REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) were faced with repeated downtime and availability issues due to an unstable IT infrastructure. This created frustration as well as business bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
Leapfrog created a re-architecture plan with a phased implementation approach to ensure business continuity for its 300+ users, 100+ servers, and 15 locations during the upgrade process. This approach also enabled the company to leverage its improved IT infrastructure in its acquisition strategy and successfully acquire and onboard a similar-sized company immediately after the upgrade.

Transforming capabilities by partnering with internal IT.

Financial Services

A transportation company was experiencing significant growth, but its internal IT department didn’t have the bandwidth or project-specific expertise to simultaneously manage existing IT and also move growth projects forward.
Leapfrog partnered with the internal team to complement its resources. We planned for the growth of their new locations, leveraged sophisticated tools, deployed our ticketing system, and trained their engineers on the platform. Leapfrog also took on the responsibility of supporting their end-users, who are globally dispersed.

Streamlining support to improve morale, productivity.


The end-users at a large, national nonprofit were experiencing a lot of pain and frustration. The internal support desk wasn’t working smoothly and without getting the help they needed, employees couldn’t do their jobs efficiently.
The Leapfrog team worked closely with the nonprofit’s IT infrastructure team to drive increased operational efficiencies and better serve its more than 500 end users. This collaboration significantly increased end-user satisfaction while enabling the internal IT staff to focus on more strategic growth initiatives.

Working around supply-chain shortages to stay operational.

Service company

Social distancing during COVID-19 wasn’t possible for the hundreds of call center employees working at a service company and working from home wasn’t an option because not all employees had reliable computers and internet at home. By setting up workstations inside the 31 company stores with main-office connectivity, employees could disperse safely. However, they still faced a supply-chain shortage for appropriate headsets.
Creative thinking led Leapfrog and the client to gaming headsets, which were available and delivered the needed functionality and quality.
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Unifying security and access for at-home workers.

Real estate company

A real estate company provides laptops to most of its hundreds of employees so they can occasionally work remotely when out in the field. However, cybersecurity protections for zero-day threats and other web-based malware were designed to protect the laptops while working in the office. That’s where work requiring the most stringent security took place. With COVID-19, the company needed to unify security and access while everyone transitioned to working at home.
Leapfrog worked quickly to implement a new endpoint management system that extends the cybersecurity protection remotely during this crisis and any that follow.

Integrating secure cloud and collaboration platforms.

Fundraising consultancy

A fundraising consultancy had moved a lot of IT services to the cloud and was in the process of integrating its environment. When COVID-19 forced everyone to work from home, it transformed the way employees were accustomed to working. Theirs is a collaborative, in-person culture. To maintain as much of the culture as possible while also protecting sensitive financial data, the consultancy needed to quickly add secure remote access for more than 80 employees.
Leapfrog set up and integrated a collaboration platform and cloud file system with invitation-only, token-based Multifactor Authentication (MFA) to protect against ransomware and other threats that exploit stolen credentials.

Meeting compliance requirements to win a deal.

Security Services Company

A Leapfrog client who is a leading national security services company was bidding on a multi-location contract with a Fortune 500 company and faced what it thought might be a deal-breaker. The Fortune 500 company had recently implemented third-party risk management processes, which included requiring all companies it does business with to comply with the same high standards that it must meet.
As an SSAE-18 SOC 2 compliant private cloud provider, Leapfrog already met or exceeded the Fortune 500 company’s requirements and was able to turn around the extensive security assessment questionnaire within days — and the client won the deal.

Providing on-demand cloud resources during a crisis.

Healthcare Company

Most of the 17 locations of a supplemental healthcare company were call centers staffed with ten to 100 employees working closely together. Leapfrog has been hosting the company’s on-premises communications platform since 2001, but when COVID-19 hit, the company needed to move its employees to remote working.
Within four days, Leapfrog redesigned network connectivity to accommodate 300+ locations instead of 17, quadrupled the bandwidth, and provided cloud resources that allowed the company to scale four-fold. Elastic capacity solved the urgent need and the follow-up project — a private cloud solution — delivered a long-term, cost-effective solution.

Transforming digitally to compete and grow.

Wealth Management Firm

An established wealth management firm wanted to access data analytics to improve the research it provides to clients. Leapfrog had already implemented VDI to secure its trading environment and enable remote working but its proprietary research platform, which had been the market leader for more than a decade, couldn’t meet the new need.
Leapfrog worked with the firm to determine its requirements, select a cloud platform that’s part of an ecosystem with access to data analytics, design and build the security model, then migrate to the new platform. With the digital transformation project complete, the firm is better positioned to differentiate and grow.