Data and network security.

Control and monitor access.

Secure environments protect your data and network from inside threats, whether they’re accidental or deliberate. Leapfrog classifies your data by risk, sets up permissions and controls, and locks down your most sensitive data — then actively monitors everything.

Identify data that needs protection.

Most companies have an enormous amount of “unstructured data” at risk. This data can include business documents, websites, videos, email, and other text-heavy data with embedded sensitive content. The key to protecting your data is knowing where it’s located. Data classification is required to be able to protect what’s important.

To identify and secure your organization’s most important data, Leapfrog uses a range of leading solutions, including disk encryption technologies, user permissions, file monitoring, and user-behavior analytics.

It’s also critical not to overlook vulnerable data that can be accessed through mobile devices or shared in collaborative files. Protecting sensitive information includes data on every platform regardless of how it’s accessed. Leapfrog identifies gaps related to remote and collaborative working and retrofits internal security controls to match the risk.​

Establish permissions and controls.

​To protect its data, every organization needs to prioritize identity management and access control:

  • Identity management: Have an accurate inventory of the people who need access to your information and that these individuals are the only ones with access and you can confirm these are individuals who are not being impersonated.
  • Access control: Ensure individuals only have access to the information they need to do their job and limit the impact a breach has on your environment.

​Leapfrog works with you to review your current user permissions and network controls — the goal is to tighten access appropriately and create audit trails that log who is using, changing, or deleting data. User-behavior analytics alert you to suspicious behavior so you can limit the scope of internal breaches.

Control access to your network.

The goal of network security is to allow only authorized users on authorized devices to communicate with your business systems. Leapfrog’s best practices include activities that:

  • Secure cloud resources
  • Secure wired and wireless network connections
  • Establish and harden the edge of your network
  • Create internal network segmentation to optimize visibility and containment
  • Establish remote access protocol

Review your data and network security solutions.

Your environment ​requires a combination of solutions to deliver data and network security, which may include:

  • Cloud, network, and endpoint security
  • Data and intellectual property protection
  • Data encryption
  • Firewalls, network-based antivirus, spam filtering, and web content filtering
  • Ransomware protection
  • Enhanced email protection
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and network access privileges
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Prevention Detection Systems (PDS)
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
  • Written policies and procedures
  • Cybersecurity insurance

Not every environment requires every solution. Leapfrog helps you determine the ones you need.