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FrogFriends: $500 Cash Donation To Your Favorite Nonprofit For Each Successful Referral

When you refer someone whose company becomes a Leapfrog client, we’ll give $500 to the nonprofit of your choice. The free IT Optimization Assessment the company receives is theirs to keep whether they become a client on or not!

Here’s how it works:
1. In the box above, enter the names and email addresses of people you know whose companies might benefit from extraordinary IT services.
2. We contact them to learn more about their needs and arrange an IT Optimization Assessment, if appropriate.
3. If a company you referred becomes a Leapfrog client within three months after the first meeting, we send you a great big THANK YOU and ask you which nonprofit you’d like us to send $500 to.
4. We send the gift in your name — there’s no limit on the number of gifts we’ll send!

Thank you very much for considering FrogFriends
We appreciate your confidence and trust — word-of-mouth is our main source of new business and helping nonprofits is core to our business model. If you have any questions, please call Ken Brantley at 678-394-2036 or email. Thanks again!

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