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Apples And Macs Welcome! Frogs Are Integration Experts.

You have discovered a rare species: a full-service IT provider who speaks fluent Apple!

Leapfrog offers total support for Apple branded computers and mobile devices — our on-staff Apple® Certified Pros love Apple products as much as you do. From the latest version of OS X and iOS, to your team’s iPads and iPhones, to every last detail about the entire line of Mac computers, our frogs support Apple products operating in Windows-based business environments and in the cloud. And if your Apple products are not yet fully integrated into your business network, we take care of that, too.

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We think differently at Leapfrog

To us, managing your Apple products is the same as managing your Windows products. We integrate and manage all of the devices in your network – regardless of the manufacturer – and we make sure everything works together in cross-platform harmony. This means our frogs install, setup, manage, maintain and update your Apple devices and resolve all of your Apple-related Help Desk inquiries right alongside your Windows devices.

We know finding the same kind of comprehensive, in-depth business solutions for Apple products (as you do for Windows-only environments) is rare in the IT management world. So is riding on scooters in the hallways and hanging portraits of animated frogs in conference rooms, but we do that, too. We believe IT can (and should) be creative as well as effective.

Follow your passion

So go ahead and tell your creative team they can design, render and animate to their hearts’ content. Tell your executive team they can use their iPads to do business on the network. And tell your back office staff not to worry — our certified frogs will keep everything and everyone hopping along regardless of which OS is used to access the network.

®Apple, Mac, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Mac Pro and MacBook are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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