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Support Center Size and Scalability: Everything You Need To Keep Moving

Leapfrog built our IT Support Center Services to be big enough to resolve any IT problem effectively and efficiently — and nimble enough to scale up or down whenever you need us to.

Having an enormous, knowledgeable, responsive IT support staff is a dream come true for growing companies that want their IT to power their aspirations and not get in the way. With IT support like that, even your aspirations can have aspirations.

Why bigger is better

  • Your problems get resolved faster because there are enough qualified people to help whenever you call
  • You don’t have to wait even during busy times or when some of the staff is in weekly training
  • Your team is less likely to procrastinate getting help when they know they can get help right away
  • You get IT experts who come to your location for issues that need in-person attention
  • You can have a full-time expert at your location if that approach will better serve your needs
  • You have access to enough experts to complete your special projects faster so you benefit from them sooner

Why scalability is better

  • You get the flexibility to plan, test, fine-tune and deploy as needed – or plan, test, then try something else
  • Your consultants, outsourced team and seasonal employees get the same great support whenever they need it
  • Your key IT staff can go on leave because our frogs can absorb their responsibilities while they’re gone
  • You can outsource complex projects (like cloud migration or infrastructure refreshing) to a support team you trust
  • You can save the time, money and effort needed to hire a bunch of people yourself and then let them go

Why better is better

  • Local experts: Solving IT problems is our core business. We believe it’s not possible to deliver extraordinary service if you send services offshore.
  • Highest-level specialists: You won’t need them all the time but when you do, you’ll be happy to have super-talented engineers on your side. Even crazy networking problems can be handled within our support center.
  • Advanced tools: The best analysts using the best tools get you the best resolutions. Do we get stumped? Overwhelmed? Nope. We’ve got this.

With a really big staff, multiple support teams and a deep bench of extraordinarily skilled experts standing by, you’ll benefit from the kind of operational maturity that only comes with nearly 20 years of practice.

A word about your top-notch, in-house IT team members

One thing that can hold a company back from outsourcing some or all of its IT is the loyalty it understandably feels towards IT team members who have been doing a great job. If this sounds like your company, we have good news. It’s not uncommon for Leapfrog to absorb qualified personnel from our clients when it’s time to outsource their roles. We’re always looking for smart associates to join our team, and we can often help them be successful and grow in ways that aren’t possible on an in-house team.

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