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Project Management: Super-smooth Planning And Execution Of Full-scale IT Projects

Your secret ally in executing any kind of custom IT integration or migration is Leapfrog’s Project Management unit. These frogs are masters of efficiency – acting as highly mobile commandos who track and monitor every project in progress, from initiation to full-scale launch.

After your project has been thoroughly mapped by our Solutions Design team, it enters our command and control center with one (or more) of our project managers. Bringing that blueprint to life, they make sure your project achieves lift-off fast, and stays on course throughout execution.

Leapfrog Project Managers:

  • Ensure smooth communication between all parties
  • Act as liaison between solutions architects and systems engineers, preventing any gaps or missteps from design through execution
  • Keep you informed, and keep your project on track, so there are no surprises or unexpected changes to scope
  • Coordinate all phases of project deployment, ensuring the entire engagement is well defined and executed — delivered on time, and on budget, with minimal disruptions to business operations
  • Engage in the best practices, quality standards and/or certifications advocated worldwide by the Project Management Institute®

A streamlined Metamorphosis for every project
Our Metamorphosis process ensures a smooth IT transformation. Like a tadpole to a frog, your project grows organically, picking up or offloading resources as needed, depending on the size and complexity of the entire program, delivery schedule, or the phase of execution in play. This highly dynamic approach helps to contain costs and limit disruptions to your workflow.

Change experts who ensure optimal outcomes
Our frogs are highly skilled at averting obstacles and process slowdowns. They have sharp reflexes and experience — and a deep well of project analytics they can tap into that flow from hundreds of successful customer engagements.

They also provide an extra layer of due diligence for ensuring your custom IT design really works for your business.

And in the final phases of your project, your Project Manager will initiate thorough QA testing and systems monitoring and measurement. So at “All Systems Go,” you get superb performance at the outset and every day thereafter. Champagne anyone?

Project Management Is Available to Leapfrog clients Who Are:

  • Migrating their IT ecosystem (or some part of it) to our care
  • Designing and launching new technology solutions
  • Executing sizable systems integration projects with us
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