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Business Continuity Planning: The Big Picture For The Best Outcome

Your company’s best bet for thriving after a disaster is to have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan before it strikes. It should cover all of the processes and procedures you need to get back up and running again in case there’s an emergency that shuts down some or all of your normal operations.

The goal of your business continuity plan is to re-establish services as quickly and smoothly as possible so your organization suffers as little as possible. Which means it should be based on well-thought-out scenarios that include how IT is involved in each one. Big stuff, yes. But manageable.

Business continuity is more than Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning is not the same as disaster recovery planning. It’s a larger effort that identifies each of your critical services and creates step-by-step instructions to get them operational again. Who does what and when, where people will work from, how your team will access data, how everyone will communicate, what your Plan C is if Plan B doesn’t work — these kinds of details give you your best shot at recovering. About a quarter of small businesses go out of business right after experiencing a disaster and of those that recover for a while, about 40% eventually fail due to the disaster.

Leapfrog’s role in Business Continuity Planning

Leapfrog can play an important role in this important process. We work closely with the person in charge of your company’s business continuity, typically your Chief Operating Officer, and your business continuity team, typically a representative from each department. We help them think through all of the IT-related details and offer advice on risk, compliance, data integrity, platform management and any other IT-related issue.

We also have business continuity consulting partners that we can recommend that will help develop the plan for you — a complex process becomes less complex with experienced pros at the helm. In fact, the reason most companies don’t have a Business Continuity Plan is that it’s difficult to develop.

Planning for continued IT delivery in the nastiest of situations. If you don’t know where to start, our expert frogs can help you get the ball rolling. Then, depending on your needs, we’ll provide these consultative and analytical functions:

  • Work with your team to develop and review a business impact analysis with the goal of identifying requirements, gaps and options
  • Make sure your entire team is on the same page when it comes to IT network and systems delivery issues
  • Develop a planning framework for IT delivery and write the IT portion of your Business Continuity Plan, including the training, testing and maintenance procedures
  • Plan how you will actually access your IT from off-site, including where you’ll work from, who will have access to your network and how you’ll communicate with staff, customers, suppliers and vendors
  • Help you make good decisions about your IT capital spend in the first place so you can mitigate risk most effectively and sensibly
We take the same thorough, methodical, data-driven, base-covering, get-it-handled approach to your business continuity planning as we do with every other service we provide. We want you to accomplish great things, no matter what happens.

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