BYOD: The sweet spot of convenience + security

Are your employees using their own devices for work-related activities? Of course they are! Are they putting your company at risk when they do it?

Now that’s the million-dollar question.

Because if they might be, you need a solid Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy — fast. You can’t have an optimized IT ecosystem without it. Your policy should be proactive, balance end-user happiness with data security, and not be a hassle to run. Because when your team is left to its own devices (literally), it’s called “shadow IT.” And anything called “shadow” isn’t good for business.

Leapfrog helps you take the BYOD bullfrog by the legs. No more see-sawing between this priority and that priority. We help you locate, implement and manage a solution that’s just right for your company so you can do what you really want to do — produce! And grow! Securely! BYOD does not have to be a four-letter word.

Leapfrog works with you to:

  1. Choose a solution that’s right for your company based on what other companies similar to yours are doing successfully. We have templates. They work.
  2. Get your solution into production. Our frogs enroll your team’s devices and set up the infrastructure, including protocols for email, file sharing, data synchronization and, if your company is regulated, encryption.
  3. Manage your solution. We make sure it stays patched, updated and logged. And we add or remove employees as needed.

That’s what optimized BYOD looks like. It’s secure, convenient, streamlined and managed — with no more shadows!