LeapFrog IT Services

(Frogs Are) Green

Is Leapfrog green? Uh … is the Pachymedusa dacnicolor an amphibian?

Our entire business model is green! By resolving more than 95% of issues remotely through the Internet, we hardly ever drive anywhere. Unless you need new equipment or the occasional hands-on repair, our fleet of vehicles stays parked. Wait … we don’t even have a fleet of vehicles. We’re that good.

We’re also set up so our employees can work from home.

And they do, on a regular and alternating basis, so we reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining our cohesive culture of service.

Even better, our business model allows YOUR employees to work from home. Leapfrog’s remote IT management is green-green-green.

When it’s time to replace your old technology, we’ll arrange for it to be picked up or recycled in a way that protects the environment. Leapfrog’s recycling program is open to everyone, not just clients. Call us for more information.

And what self-respecting frog would choose to pollute the communal pond? When we leaped to a bigger pad, we retained every stick of furniture and installed recycled carpet (most companies start fresh). We buy used when we can. Have an indoor composting bin. Even collect soda-pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House recycling program. If there’s a way to have less impact and help people and planet, we hop right on it. Truth is, it’s more fun being green.

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