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Making Sense of What’s Different for IT Budgeting in 2023

Simultaneous shortages, accelerations, and increased risk are forcing business leaders to rethink how they use and invest in IT — technology is center stage in 2023. This report covers what’s driving the key changes for IT budgeting in 2023, how companies are responding, and which data and insights can help leaders make the best decisions for their companies. We also share what Leapfrog Services is seeing within our client base.

Making Sense of EDR and the Cyber-Insurance Connection

EDR, or Endpoint Detection and Response, is an advanced cybersecurity tool that meets today’s cybercriminals where they are. By continually monitoring your most likely attack surfaces — your endpoints — you can thwart attacks and reduce recovery costs, which protects your company and makes you more attractive to cyber insurance providers.

The Great Resignation: How to Avoid the Impact of Losing Internal IT Staff

The Great Resignation is a good news/bad news story. For businesses with internal IT departments, the bad news is it’s likely one of your critical internal IT staff will leave for another job this year. The good news is there’s a way to keep your IT team fully staffed at all times, even now.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2022

How To Create a Post-Pandemic IT Budget That Works. Creating an IT budget for 2022 is different from previous years. While the process of developing your budget is the same, your company made IT changes to respond to COVID-19. You’re tasked with continuing to fund the changes while simultaneously funding growth, transformation, and a secure IT environment. This comprehensive guide covers everything from what’s different this year to proven strategies for planning, assigning roles, and avoiding common mistakes.

5 Reasons Why IT Operations Will Cost More in 2022

Successful IT budgets strike the right balance between the different areas of your IT. For the IT operations portion of your 2022 IT budget, expect higher costs due to the pandemic — the additional expenses are unavoidable. This paper explains why it’s more expensive so you can successfully address the changes and set up your organization for a prosperous year and decade.

How To Qualify for Cyber Insurance As Claims Skyrocket

The past few years have seen enormous increases in cybercrime and cyber insurance claims. More risk means tighter qualifications and higher premiums. This paper includes specific actions you can take to reduce your risk profile, qualify for a policy, and get a more reasonable premium. The more cyber risk you can manage by being proactive, the more attractive you are as a cyber insurance client.

IT Cybersecurity Partner Interview Guide​

Mega-hacks like SolarWinds and other cybersecurity risks continue to increase — you know you must take action, but how do you choose the right outsourced IT security partner? Having this guide in hand simplifies your process of choosing the right IT partner. The sooner you know what to ask — and the best answers to look for — the sooner you can protect your company from increasing threats.

IT In The New Normal

Update your IT strategy to stay productive and win more business. From working remotely to generating revenue, make sure your adjustments deliver what you need. With solid planning and execution, you can do more business online and pursue new opportunities more effectively. This guide is based on Leapfrog’s 22 years of helping organizations use IT strategically and remotely.

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Standalone cloud-based DR and DRaaS solutions ensure availability of your applications and data without the expense of a secondary site so you can recover quickly from disasters. Here’s how it works and why it’s better (and cheaper) than a duplicate site for organizations of every size.