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How We Work: A Team-based Approach To Extraordinary IT Service

Optimizing your IT ecosystem — and keeping it that way — requires different teams of specialists who do their jobs superbly. You need a team that specializes in designing networks. A team that keeps hackers out. A team that fixes problems fast. A team that keeps its eyes on everything. A team that keeps you informed. And you need all these teams to work together. Seamlessly. Every day. Fortunately, you’re in luck! Our teams have you covered.

Leapfrog’s super-specialized teams envision, build, protect, manage and support your entire IT ecosystem.

  • Business Development Team: Develops the vision for your overall IT solution
  • Project Team: Designs your solution, develops the plan and implements the plan
  • Network Operations Department Team (including the Department of Frogland Security): Monitors and manages your entire IT ecosystem
  • Client & Advisory Services Team: Connects the dots between your business needs and your IT solutions
  • Support Center Team: Handles your day-to-day IT needs with IT Support Center, field services, escalations and provisioning services

We also have support teams that make your overall IT experience even better. We have an onboarding team for new clients, a training team at Leapfrog Training Academy and a communications team for FrogAlerts and FrogTalk. Teamwork makes Leapfrog IT services extraordinary.

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