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Asset Management and Procurement Services Help Keep Your IT Optimized

It can be a nightmare trying to keep up with all of the tech assets you own, not to mention what upgrades you need and when. But our streamlined process makes asset management and procurement a breeze. Better yet, it comes as a free service with your managed services agreement!

Leapfrog offers Asset Management and Procurement services to relieve you from having to deal with it yourself — and to relieve us from having to manage assets that are old or will likely cause network problems soon. So to keep your IT optimized, secure and leaping forward, we handle all life-cycle management details, from inventory tracking to asset configuration to integration into your network. Whether your own 20 or 20,000 devices.

Here’s how we do it

  1. We enter all of your assets into our database as part of our Managed IT services. We do this whether or not you take advantage of Leapfrog Asset Management and Procurement.
  2. Our procurement specialists review your database to identify what items you’ll need and when. This goes for hardware and also some software. Our automated system keeps this information updated.
  3. As part of your monthly reporting, we’ll let you know which aging assets are in the pipeline and recommend specific replacements that will integrate seamlessly into your IT ecosystem. All Leapfrog recommendations are based on the results of our Solutions Task Force’s rigorous vetting process.
  4. With your approval, we buy the new assets on your behalf. And we get you a good price because we’re certified partners of most hardware and software manufacturers.
  5. We have your items shipped to our headquarters so we can configure them in our build room to meet your network’s specific requirements.
  6. We install your new assets wherever they’re needed.
  7. If something gets complicated along way — from ordering to network integration — we handle it for you.
  8. We send an invoice for your procured items based on the terms of our service agreement. We also accept credit cards payments for new assets, if you prefer.

If this process sounds good, hop on board! We’re glad to do it for you.

Here’s why it’s good for your business

You enjoy plenty of perks when Leapfrog manages your assets, in addition to an optimized IT ecosystem. You get:

  • No budget surprises. You know what’s coming.
  • Deployment of new devices when you actually need them. Not too late, not too early, and not a bunch at once — we space them out for a more uniform budget.
  • Deployment of new devices at the right frequency for the stability of your IT ecosystem. It’s all about the optimization!
  • Devices that work properly with your network — details matter. One model up or down or an asset from a company that’s on shaky ground can make a big difference either now or later, and not every device plays nice in every ecosystem.
  • Careful destruction of all data on your assets before recycling them. Us frogs are masters at squeaky-clean wipes.
  • More time for your team to do other things, like drive your business forward.

As part of our service, we also keep some spare assets at our headquarters (including laptops!) in case something surprising goes wrong or someone on your team needs to hop on a new device in a hurry. We believe your assets should always be … assets!

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