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Is Your Organization Ready for DRaaS?

DRaaS Readiness Assessment

Many organizations can benefit from fast, secure, and cost-effective Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Take this short assessment to determine your organization’s DRaaS readiness. It includes 25 quick-start questions about your current DR plan and backups, data, infrastructure, and network.



After you complete the assessment, you will receive an analysis once our team has had an opportunity to review your responses (usually 1-2 business days). If you’d like to contact us before then, please contact us at 404-870-2122 or ken.brantley@leapfrogservices.com.

Assessment Services From Leapfrog

Leapfrog implements DRaaS for organizations that are DRaaS-ready and provides DR assessment services for those that need to make changes first.

If your answers indicate your organization needs to make upgrades or other changes to become DRaaS-ready, Leapfrog provides DR assessment services. The depth of the assessment is directly correlated to the areas that need improving. If only a few things need improving, we can complete the assessment over the phone with your IT personnel. If your situation is more complex or your organization doesn’t have an internal IT department, we can come to your location to complete an on site assessment.

Assessments can include helping you deter mine your DR business needs (optimal RPO and RTO plus other requirements), an evaluation of your IT footprint and rate of change, and a capabilities health check to formalize risk and strategy. With this foundation, we can perform a technical assessment to document which systems and to what level of protection are needed. If you’re interested, we can also write your DR plan or work with your team to write it, and execute your plan as well.

Often, asking your team the right questions is what’s needed most to determine the steps required to become DRaaS-ready. Start here with Leapfrog’s DRaaS Readiness Self-Assessment.

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