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Support Center Methodology: Best Practices Solve Problems Best

Proven frameworks that support growing companies

We use the global ITIL framework so you benefit from decades of data about evaluating and solving IT problems. Following ITIL reduces risk and business interruptions, makes it easier to hire and transition staff and allows for faster growth and transitions. It’s more cost-effective for you in the long term, too.

We also use Agile, a technique that applies successful software development principles, to IT special projects. The Agile methodology can shorten up the cycle so much that our frogs can complete projects that usually take 90 days in just two weeks. It’s that effective. It’s based on constant communication, an iterative approach and, of course, “agility.”

Our world-class support center methodology is built on frameworks that allow us to efficiently manage the problem-solving process, track every known issue and leverage sophisticated tools to continually improve our procedures and outcomes. It’s like our secret sauce — except we’re completely transparent about it.

“Show me the data.”

Gladly! We want you to see our results — transparency is key. You get detailed monthly reports on how we’re performing against our Service Level Agreement (SLAs) that you can share with your Board. If you ever want to check on an IT issue, we can pull the status and history down to the smallest detail. You don’t need to give us the backstory. We already know it. So while traditional water-cooler talk or gut instinct about performance is one thing, having the data in your hands is something else entirely.

Why all Support Centers don’t follow best practices methodology

  1. Sometimes they’re too small. Internal and outsourced teams often don’t have the size or scale to have a robust methodology.
  2. Sometimes they’re too siloed. Outsourced providers usually don’t have models that maintain controls across the board.
  3. Sometimes they don’t want to make the investment. It’s not cheap or easy to learn best practices, invest in the tools and hire qualified staff to apply them.
Leapfrog is the only provider in metro Atlanta that follows this best practices methodology — we do it because it works! And it delivers extraordinary business value to you.

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