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Specialized know-how delivers optimized IT.

Leapfrog works with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. Some industries are pretty unique. And they can have distinct needs and requirements when it comes to IT. The more know-how your IT partner has about your industry’s needs and requirements, the better off your company’s IT will be. From Day One.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

Our super-smart frogs make all the difference.

Part of our work managing IT for clients involves being completely up-to-date on our specialty industries. We know what works best, what works somewhat and what doesn’t work at all. When a client has an issue in a certain area, we take proactive steps to make sure other clients don’t experience the same or similar issues. If there are regulation, cybersecurity or IT innovations related to our industries, we know about it and do due diligence on our clients behalf.
As you can see from our list of specialty industries below, we focus on industries that need to be very secure, very compliant, very efficient or very dynamic. Or all four!

Regardless of your industry, Leapfrog will partner with you to solve your IT problems, handle your day-today IT needs, manage your cybersecurity and compliance issues, and report and consult with you regularly. So your team can spend its time focusing on the high-value tasks and initiatives that will help you be more successful and competitive.

Industries we serve:
Professional Services
Manufacturing & Distribution
Real Estate
Business Services

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