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IT Optimization: Leapfrog’s Perspective Is Different

Your IT ecosystem should not hold you back — instead, it should be the wind at your back! With managed IT services from Leapfrog, your business runs more smoothly because your entire IT ecosystem is healthy, stable, secure and fast. And with an IT ecosystem like that, your team (and ours) can be more efficient, productive and profitable.

We call this approach IT Optimization.

We also call it our business model!

We apply IT Optimization from a decidedly proactive point of view.

First, we make sure your network has the right components and apps. Our Solution Task Force is constantly researching and testing to see which products and solutions work best in which situations, regardless of the manufacturers or suppliers.

Second, we apply to your company what we’ve learned from working with hundreds of other companies. The knowledge base we have at our fingertips is enormous and keeps pace with the ever-changing IT landscape. This translates into better IT for you.

Third, any problems that come up with IT management once we’ve optimized your ecosystem is on us. Big or small. You won’t see billable hours for fixing network or app problems.

Fourth, if it’s good for you, it’s good for us. When your IT ecosystem is stable and efficient, we don’t have to spend time fixing it. Managing an IT ecosystem that’s optimized is it a lot easier than managing one that’s not.

So with Optimized IT, you win and so do we. Whether we’re teaming up with your internal IT staff or managing your entire IT ecosystem, the best IT ecosystem leads to the best business results. Ah, the bliss of aligned objectives.

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