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Compliance: A more secure, proactive and painless approach to clearing industry standards, even audits!

Compliance requirements don’t have to bog you down if you choose an IT partner who really gets it. And at Leapfrog, we’re there for you on so many levels it’s crazy. Every day we help our clients through the trickiest compliance hoops and audits — answering questions, signing attestation letters, or pulling transaction records that prove security and backup preparedness are right where they should be.

In fact, everything about how we operate and deliver IT services for our clients is compliance-compatible. Our own SSAE-16, SOC-2, Type II audit clearance puts us well ahead of most industry standards. Whether it’s SEC or FINRA you have to answer to, HIPAA or MU2 you have to prove, or PCI DSS or P2PE on your agenda, we can rap that alphabet soup with the best of them. And with our expertise, so can you.

Jump when they say jump. (It pays to be proactive.)

Compliance is a constantly evolving game. You’ve got to stay on your toes and jump when the feds or industry regulators say jump. Together with our independent partners, we can help you set up regular internal audits—starting with a full review of your business practices and how your IT infrastructure’s organized—to ensure your entire enterprise is operating to the highest standards. So you’re more than ready when the real audits come down.

New to compliance – or not, we can help.

Maybe you’ve never had to worry about compliance, and then suddenly you do. Your big-pond clients want your small firm to clear the same high standards they do as a condition of doing business. Or maybe you’ve been swimming in regs for years, but your IT department’s under water and can’t keep up. In either case, we can help you reach full compliance fast. We can manage one precious industry bundle for you – like email archiving and instant messaging per FINRA standards – or take on your entire compliance strategy. We’ll make sure your IT ecosystem functions in perfect harmony with the larger regulatory climate.

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With Leapfrog you get –

  • Managed IT that’s inherently compliance-compatible!
  • We jump the highest bar for security and compliance: SSAE-16, SOC-2 internal reporting and controls for us frogs and all our clients.
  • We get it. We help our clients leap though the trickiest forms, attestation letters and audits every day.
  • Proactive approach: Independent experts to help you ID and counter risky compliance gaps and security threats.
  • Outsource some or nearly all your compliance strategy. Federal regs, industry standards or self-mandated compliance, we’re on it!
  • With our frogpower behind you, ongoing compliance and actual audits are far more manageable! We’re here to support you every step of the way.
The Alphabet Soup of Compliance – why the right ingredients, the right cooks, and the right tasters really matter.

Whichever alphabet soup you’re cooking up – SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, PCI and all their many-lettered friends – it’s only as good as the ingredients that go into it. That’s why it’s critical that you stop and sample the soup periodically. Are you checking everything that goes in? And does your recipe smell like success or disaster?

  • How often do you review your business policies and practices?
  • How do you interact with customers and their data?
  • Which employees have access to critical data, on what devices, (BYOD is a slippery slope!) and who are they sharing it with downstream?
  • How secure is your IT infrastructure, and who’s managing it? Is it on-site, on shared public servers, or in a private (or hybrid) cloud?
  • Where and how is your data stored and backed up? In a formal audit, do you have the documentation to prove it?
  • Are you doing internal audits annually?
  • How strong is your security posture, really? Achieving compliance is one thing, cybersecurity another. Most compliance standards are years behind hackers. You may be jumping through all the right hoops, and still be more exposed than you should be.

We recommend a thorough and independent analysis on a regular basis to ID your potential risks and vulnerabilities. Particularly if you’re new to compliance, or you’re seeing changes in your business or regulatory climate that will affect your IT infrastructure. If you don’t already have a third party advisor in place, we have a whole posse of partners with awesome track records for independent security and compliance auditing. See, we’re firm believers in unbiased advice. The same frogs who make the soup shouldn’t be tasting it, too. For your integrity and accountability (and ours), a multi-advisor approach is best.

Once the initial analysis is complete, we’ll work with you to close the gaps and put the management structure in place so audits can be done on an ongoing basis. So whether you trust one critical, industry-specific bundle to us, or your entire IT/compliance strategy, your assets are covered. You’ll have all the policies, procedures and documentation in place to have painless audit experiences – if and whenever they happen.

The soup’s on, and the soup looks good!

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