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Compliance: Welcome to a more secure, proactive and painless approach

Meeting compliance requirements is effortless with the right IT partner. Every day Leapfrog helps businesses navigate complex compliance hoops and audits — answering questions, signing attestation letters, or pulling transaction records to prove security and backup preparedness are right where they should be.

In fact, everything about how we operate and deliver IT services for our clients is compliance-compatible. Our own SSAE-16, SOC-2, Type II audit clearance puts us well ahead of most industry standards. Whether you have to answer to SEC or FINRA, prove HIPAA or MU2, or have PCI DSS or P2PE on your agenda, our experts can help.

Compliance is a constantly evolving game. You’ve got to stay on your toes so you’re ready when regulators say jump. Together with our independent partners, we can help you set up regular internal audits — starting with a full review of your business practices and your IT infrastructure — to ensure your organization is operating to the highest standards and is ready for audits.

Expert help regardless of your compliance comfort level

Maybe compliance became a priority when some of your clients suddenly required you to meet the same high standards they must meet in order for you to continue to do business with them. Or maybe keeping up with compliance demands is a struggle for your team because you lack enough bandwidth or expertise on staff. Or maybe your company is growing or merging and now you have to reach full compliance fast. Leapfrog can help you with all of these scenarios and more, from managing one specific set of regulations to taking on your entire compliance strategy.

With Leapfrog you get –

  • A consultative approach to helping your organization understand its compliance posture
  • Independent experts to help you identify and counter specific compliance gaps and security threats
  • Managed IT that’s inherently compliant and documented
  • Help with the most complex forms and attestation letters
  • Support with audits
  • A managed IT provider who is SSAE-16 compliant, the regulation created by the Auditing Standards Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Key questions to navigate regulations

There are many different sets of standards that organizations may need to meet, either because they are operating in a regulated industry or they are choosing to operate at the highest level of accountability. Regardless of the standards you use, all address these key questions:

  • How secure is your IT infrastructure and who’s managing it?
  • Where and how is your data stored and backed up?
  • How often do you review your business policies and practices?
  • Are you performing internal audits annually?
  • How do you interact with customers and their data?
  • Which employees have access to critical data, on what devices, and with whom are they sharing it?
  • In a formal audit, do you have the documentation to prove it?

While achieving compliance to your policies and procedures is one thing, achieving the high level of cybersecurity you need is another. Unfortunately, most compliance standards are years behind hackers. You may be jumping through all the right hoops for the regulators yet still be more exposed than you should be.

Leapfrog recommends you have a thorough, independent risk analysis of your security on a regular basis to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. Our team and our partners can complete this for you. Once the analysis is complete, we can work with you to close any gaps and establish an appropriate management structure so you’re up-to-date on an ongoing basis. With all the policies, procedures and documentation in place, going through an audit is a matter of simply pulling up the necessary reports — that’s Leapfrog’s secure, proactive and painless approach.

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