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Data and Network Security: Protect Against Insider Threats

Most data security technologies focus on perimeter firewalls and other intrusion detection systems that guard against outside threats. Equally important — if not more so — is protecting your data from insider threats.

Sometimes, employees with access to your most sensitive information can be motivated to monetize it for short-term gain or to inflict damage to your organization or corporate image. So you have to ask: how exposed is your company? Is your corporate, customer, and employee data secure? What about any protected health information or industry-regulated content?

Leapfrog attacks the problem of data and network security from every angle and employs a range of leading solutions — including disk encryption technologies, user permissions, file monitoring, and user behavior analytics — to identify and secure your organization’s most vulnerable data.

What, exactly, is at risk?

Most companies today have practically unquantifiable amounts of “unstructured data” at risk, including business documents, websites, videos, email, and other text-heavy data with embedded sensitive content. At the same time, many U.S. states now have extensive data-breach legislation in place, with hefty legal costs for failing to adequately protect critical data.

Leapfrog helps you classify your data by risk or threat level and implements solutions that actively monitor data use at every moment. By reducing the window of permissions for each individual — granting access only as needed over time — you can greatly reduce your overall risk.

Our hyper-vigilant team and trusted partners help you:

  • Identify and lock down your most sensitive data
  • Secure your data while at rest and in transit by adding disk encryption, end-to-end encryption, and other solutions to your perimeter surveillance and disaster recovery strategies
  • Monitor file activity and user behavior patterns day and night
  • Set up permissions and security controls for individuals and user groups
  • Review and model suggested changes to user permissions and network controls to tighten access to your most vulnerable data
  • Create audit trails to easily see who is using, changing, or deleting data
  • Install user-behavior analytics that alert you to suspicious behavior that could indicate internal data theft
  • Limit the scope of breaches and leaks by detecting and recovering from them negative faster
  • Protect data accessed through mobile devices or in shared or collaborative files
Whether we’re building new networks for you or identifying holes and retrofitting internal security controls to your existing assets, our solutions and expertise span many different platforms — including Windows, NAS devices, Exchange mailboxes, Sharepoint, and many others.

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