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Disaster Recovery Execution From Cool, Calm, FAST Frogs

Leapfrog is in the disaster avoidance business — don’t get in trouble in the first place.

Since we provide managed IT services to clients around the world who work on hundreds of networks and employ thousands of people, we’re also in the Disaster Recovery (DR) business. Disasters happen. They just do. And more often than you might think. Hardware failures and human error account for most IT disasters worldwide, with natural disasters coming in at around 4%.

Leapfrog gets a lot of disaster recovery practice all year long. In fact, we successfully manage DR events every week. Many of our customers still have their customers because we respond to all disasters the exact same way every time … fast!
With Disaster Recovery Plan execution from Leapfrog, you’ll get:

  • DRP execution to the letter to get you operational again after any size emergency
  • A team of IT experts dispatched to your emergency location to set up IT equipment and get it running
  • Expert coordination of your various IT vendors throughout entire recovery so you can focus on other things
  • Close coordination with your Business Continuity team, if you have one
  • A plan-testing service you can run as often as you want — practice makes perfect

Expertly managed IT services means an expertly managed IT recovery

One of the reasons we’re able to respond so quickly and effectively is our monitoring and management experts continually organize, manage and backup your data. So if something goes down, there’s no need to panic. We can execute most Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs) remotely without even breaking a sweat, and if your event requires onsite management, we’ll show up quickly, either at your headquarters or your alternate site, to set up duplicate IT equipment and get it running for you.

And since your own team will probably be too busy to coordinate all of your different IT vendors, we’ll take care of that for you, too. We’re on point with your disaster recovery partners and work closely with your entire business continuity team to execute your smoothest, most streamlined disaster recovery possible.

If you outsource only one IT service, this should be the one

No matter how much planning you do or how many times you test your DR plan, real-life situations are unique — you’ll need to improvise in one way or another. So it’s critical that your DR team knows what it’s doing, has hands-on experience, works with fully vetted partners, and has the right IT infrastructure and personnel bandwidth to execute your plan from end to end.

Very few IT companies have a larger infrastructure than Leapfrog’s IT ecosystem or the type of disaster recovery expertise you can only get from spending almost two decades of getting customers back on their feet … fast.

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