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Disaster Recovery Planning: Smart plan development gets you back in business FAST

Did you know that 25% of businesses fail or go out of business after a disaster and 40% ultimately fail? Those are not good statistics. Whether the initial cause is data loss, a major hardware failure, a natural disaster, a fire or some other catastrophic event, many companies stay down so long that they can’t leap back up. Those that do leap back up have something in common — a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) that worked!

Thinking about the unthinkable

Who likes to think about disasters? No one! But at Leapfrog, we think about DRP every day. It’s our job.

So when we say developing your DRP doesn’t have to be overly burdensome or expensive, we mean it. We’ve developed hundreds of plans and executed hundreds of recoveries that maintain and monitor everything for you, so you can stop worrying about ignoring the unthinkable. It’s under control.

Our mission as your Disaster Recovery partner — both in developing your plan and executing it — is to provide you with expert analysis and advice, a plan that’s tailored your exact needs, managed IT that reduces the likelihood of an IT-related disaster in the first place, and expert execution of your plan quickly and effectively if it’s ever needed.

With a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) from Leapfrog, you get:

  • Expert help in assessing your business recovery requirements translated into Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Planning for a variety of scenarios, including network failure, natural disasters, sabotage or extended power outages
  • Best-of-class backup and recovery technology
  • A written, comprehensive, executable plan
  • Disaster Recovery planning and execution experience for large and small clients since 1998

Customising your situation into a real-life plan

The foundation of your DRP is how fast your business can recover (your RTO) and to what point in time in the past (your RPO). To build a plan that meets them both, our expert frogs will learn all about your business and how it runs. We’ll talk about your data retention policy, compliance requirements, approach to Business Continuity, how long certain services can be down before it significantly affects your business, and any disaster recovery experiences you’ve had. We’ll analyze your network, systems and physical assets — including connectivity, firewalls, switches, servers, storage and the availability of spare PCs, phones and peripherals. And we’ll learn about your applications, battery backups, hardware warranties, and reliability and capacity issues. Finally, we’ll assess your current backup process and verify that any off-site and third-party backups have indeed been executed successfully.

Then we’ll help you find the right balance of protection given your priorities and budget, and discuss options you may have, including insurance.

Taking your DRP for a test drive

The best way to be prepared is to practice — of course! That’s why Leapfrog offers a test drive service to make sure everything is working exactly as expected. During the test drive we’ll run an initial test, poke, prod, test again and make any necessary refinements. When your DRP has passed with leaping colors, we write everything up in language anyone can understand (no jargon) and advise you on how to best train your staff as well.

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