Integration: High-performance Technology Deployment For The Real World

Most IT departments stay swamped with a never-ending tide of critical support and maintenance challenges, making it really, really tough to take on major systems integration projects at the same time.

And it’s not just a matter of time either. Without the right expertise and experience, it can be difficult to intuit the net impacts a new technology or less-than-seamless integration can have on your business. Sometimes the results just aren’t pretty.

So, at Leapfrog, we created a separate unit of super-skilled technologists that only do major systems integration projects. These highly trained pros are like the Delta Force of IT engineers. All they do is IT Special Ops, not Help Desk. (We have other frogs who do that!) And their dedicated focus makes all the difference.

With Leapfrog you get:

Broad skill sets
Our integrators see the forest and the trees.

Most internal IT departments and VARS (Value-added reseller) are segregated into very narrow IT functions. Typically, the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. But our integrators have an uncommonly wide set of skills. Individually, and as a team, they understand networking, storage, databases and security — and how they all work together — in different IT environments. So you get truly integrated IT every time.

Frequency = proficiency
Our frogs do complex deployments all the time.

Our Delta Force frogs see a lot of action. Based on the frequency of their engagements and breadth of their skills, their track record can’t be beat. A skilled in-house team might do a major upgrade only once every three years, while our frogs stay immersed in complex deployments. And they’re constantly in touch with our Solutions Task Force about new technologies coming into focus. That means you get a faster, more fluid implementation with minimal downtime throughout.

Not just integration, full-scale transformation
We deliver fully optimized technology that mobilizes your business (and your workforce).

To keep costs down, many IT contractors engage in a very limited execution that can result in post-integration hang-ups for your business. And while our frogs are intensely focused on delivering your project efficiently, they’re not the check-it-off, get-it-done kind of contractor who will leave you stranded with an ill-fitting solution or unintended consequences only to say, “Sorry, that wasn’t in our scope of work.”

A shared interest in high performance
We deliver technology that works in the real world.

Anybody can build out technology in a lab environment, but not everybody can build out technology in a real, live business environment. That requires skill and commitment.

At Leapfrog, we know the ultimate proof of our worth lies in how smoothly your IT ecosystem functions, and we’re committed to making it as stable, secure and highly scalable as it can be. As your Managed IT provider, it’s our responsibility to support whatever we design and deploy for you. So we share your interest in high performance and a highly compatible partnership going forward. Test us and see!