Broad-spectrum Expertise For Super-healthy IT!

It’s no secret the healthcare industry’s seen big changes in recent years. Evolving regulations and electronic health records (EHR) initiatives are spurring IT infrastructure modernization – as are patients who want faster, more accurate, and more mobile access to treatment and records. IT environments are becoming increasingly complex and fragmented (or lagging behind) In the wake of these changes. Managing all this complexity takes true broad-spectrum expertise!

Happily, at Leapfrog, we have a proud history of IT efficacy in healthcare settings. We optimize your IT operations so your team can focus on creating new solutions that enhance the patient experience and standard of care.

IT Budgeting Guide for 2020

Depend on us to manage your entire IT ecosystem – your networks, data, storage, apps, and endpoints – with special attention to automating services, ensuring operational efficiency, and reducing your exposure to HIPAA leaks or other security breaches.

As your Managed IT partner, we offer:

  • Traditional and hybrid cloud services that are secure, reliable, scalable, and highly compatible with healthcare regulations
  • A full range of data backup and disaster recovery solutions, including Leapfrog data centers in Georgia and Texas so you can operate as usual in the event of a local disaster
  • Useful business intelligence you can leverage to optimize buying decisions, aligning IT investments to business goals
  • Fortified network and data security with firewalls, anti-intrusions systems, end-to-end data encryption, and user permissions that reduce your exposure to security breaches and help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of patient and payer PHI
  • Detailed compliance and audit support that clears the highest standards for IT availability, security, reliability, privacy and confidentiality
  • Remote monitoring and management of your IT infrastructure and all devices/endpoints for peak performance. Our sophisticated tools can identify issues (or potential issues) and address them immediately
  • Proactive management of your IT vendors to optimize performance and reduce costs
  • Mobile security platforms and device management (policies and processes) that support staff and streamline patient care without compromising security or compliance
  • A streamlined approach that spans your complex infrastructure requirements, application needs, and data and network security. We give you a robust framework for running critical apps or custom solutions without IT bottlenecks or major integration issues
  • On-demand IT experts from across the tech spectrum, including solutions architects and engineers who do IT Special Ops (major integrations, upgrades, new tech deployments) all day long!
  • Responsive service and exemplary end-user support:
    – Proactive and reactive support 24/7/365
    – Live call answer rate = 95% of issues resolved in under 60 seconds
    – Detailed reporting and analytics
    – Field support services as needed
    – Proven service delivery across multi-office and highly mobile environments
    – Extensive experience integrating post-merger/acquisition environments

At Leapfrog, we are dedicated to delivering smooth-running IT that supports your patients, practice, hospital or allied health organization – elevating standards of care and medical processing efficiency day in and day out.