Donna Kruger

Director of Human Resources

Donna is responsible for overseeing and strategizing all HR operations at Leapfrog. She focuses on ensuring Leapfrog has highly sophisticated processes that support not only the company’s legal compliance requirements, but also the employee experience. With decades of experience in the HR field, she masterfully blends her years of experience with a willingness to innovate and renew, making Leapfrog’s HR department one of the most dynamic in the organization.

Before Leapfrog, Donna was the Director of HR and Recruiting for NatureScapes, a landscaping company in Georgia. Leading up to her role as Director of HR, she spent her career developing and managing payroll systems, nurturing the employee lifecycle, and implementing HRIS systems in a variety of industries. She is a firm believer that, for HR, the industry doesn’t matter – it’s the people who are the common denominator and who drive her passion for the field.

Donna is a natural-born learner – she often takes certifications as a hobby and she makes a concerted effort to apply new ideas from the global HR community to HR at Leapfrog. Donna credits her love of learning to her love of learning about people, specifically. An immigrant from South Africa, she has had to learn to adapt her language, her culture and even her personality to the American workplace. She asserts that living and working overseas has provided her with a new perspective and has afforded her the opportunity to discover new points of view – which helps her relate to the diverse people who work at Leapfrog.

Donna graduated from University of Pretoria with dual BAs in Psychology and French and, a year later, from the University of South Africa with a HED in Early Childhood Education and Teaching. She later pursued additional degrees, one from American InterContinental University (BFA, Graphic Design) and another from the University of Colorado at Denver (MEd, Literacy). Outside of work, you can find Donna enjoying a long walk, swimming, or visiting the South African store for a taste of home. She is the mother of two boys and a proud Atlanta Braves fan. She is a polyglot who loves to practice whenever she gets an opportunity.