Nonprofit Services

Is there such a thing as mission-building IT? We say yes!

Meeting your mission as a nonprofit organization means being a good steward of money and resources, but sometimes IT resources – and operational effectiveness – fall under the radar. In the midst of urgent field or fundraising priorities, it’s easy to overlook how an inefficient or inflexible IT set-up can hold you back.

Are your networks functioning at peak capacity? Are your email, data retention, and disaster recovery logistics where they should be?

At Leapfrog, we’re passionate about helping nonprofits maximize dollars spent running IT operations so they can maximize the dollars spent bettering the community and world at large. One of the more valuable lessons we strive to teach our clients is that maximizing dollars – and optimizing performance – isn’t always about buying the low cost option, but implementing the best long-term solution.

We’re focused on delivering highly stable IT environments that not only grow and sustain your operations over time but result in controlled and predictable technology costs, making budgeting for operating and capital expenditures that much easier.

Just as you prepare financial audits and reports to show how effectively your funds are being used, we audit your IT infrastructure to assess how we can better organize – or amplify – your assets for peak performance, so your networks, apps, data storage, and endpoints all work together harmoniously. Then we produce the scorecards to prove it! Accountability and transparency are as important to us as they are to you.

With more than 17 years’ experience leveraging IT best practices for 501(c)(3) organizations, you can count on Leapfrog to:

  • Design, manage and monitor your IT ecosystem for maximum availability, reliability, security and scalability
  • Automate routine IT tasks so you can focus on key growth initiatives or mission-critical apps that engage donors, volunteers and staff more effectively
  • Migrate your IT services to more efficient platforms – including private or hybrid clouds – that can help standardize processes, improve intelligence, heighten mobility and boost scalability as needed
  • Fortify your network security, data storage, and back-up preparedness. Our firewalls, anti-intrusion systems, end-to-end data encryption, and smart user controls reduce your exposure to data breaches so key stakeholders are protected
  • Offer a full range of disaster recovery solutions to minimize downtime and get critical operations back online fast in the event of a worst-case scenario
  • Provide highly responsive service and exemplary end-user support — Proactive and reactive support 24/7
    – Live call answer rate = 95% of issues resolved in under 60 seconds
    – Detailed reporting and analytics
    – Field support services as needed
    – Extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector
    – Proven service delivery across multi-office and highly mobile environments
    – On-demand IT skillsets – with hundreds of subject matter experts, and solutions architects and systems engineers – at your service

At Leapfrog, we’re committed to helping those who work for the greater good get the most out of their IT operations. We can support your IT department as a managed IT partner — or act as your Single Source Solution for all things IT. So you’re free to concentrate your time and resources on being a more effective force for change.