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Single-Source IT Management For Organizations That Want To Outsource All of Their IT

If you don’t have an IT department, Leapfrog can become it.

Single-Source IT Management from Leapfrog covers your entire IT environment. From infrastructure to your apps, from cybersecurity to device procurement, Leapfrog’s experienced team manages 100% of your IT so you can focus 100% on your business. Optimizing your IT is the key.

With optimized IT and our experts on your side, your network is the always-on, smooth-flowing, secure IT environment you’ve always wanted. You don’t have to think about it. Instead, you can focus on leaping farther and meeting your business goals.

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Having teams of experts manage your IT is super-efficient and cost-effective

If any part of your optimized IT environment hits a bump, we’ll smooth it out, usually before you even notice. Security is built in at every level and our compliance processes are second to none — Leapfrog is SSAE 18 compliant. If someone on your team experiences an IT problem, our IT Support Center team fixes it right away — 95% of troubleshooting calls are answered by a human in under 60 seconds and more than 80% of problems are resolved during the first call.

For advice and guidance on leveraging your IT for business growth, your dedicated client service representative, along with our engineers and subject matter experts, proactively looks out for your best business interests as technology evolves. And if you want to review every last detail of your network log, you have the data at your fingertips. Leapfrog is completely transparent and accountable, reporting on everything in your IT environment and providing executive summaries, too.

Getting started with Leapfrog

If you’re ready to talk with knowledgable IT experts about managing your IT environment, we’re here for you. We’ve been partnering with organizations to manage their IT ecosystems since 1998 — it’s why we went into business, why we were one of the first managed service providers to use remote IT management, and why we enjoy a 95% retention rate. We believe that when an organization chooses an IT partner that’s committed to a culture of service, growing your business is easier. And more fun.

To find out if Leapfrog might be a good match for your company, please email Ken Brantley or call him at 678.394.2036.


If you have an internal IT department, you can use our Managed IT services to solve specific challenges and support your IT team.

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